McIver Demolition Project

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Emily Moser/ The Carolinian

Madison Hoffmann
  Staff Writer

Plans are being discussed for future demolition of the McIver building in order to construct two new infrastructures to grow the UNCG nursing/STEM program.


A four-story building will take the place of the existing McIver building, along with the construction of a south Chiller Plant.


The new south Chiller Plant will feed chilled water through underground lines to mechanical units on campus, providing water capacity for the Nursing and Instructional Building.


Currently located in four different buildings across campus, the construction will allow for one central location.


The School of Nursing will occupy approximately fifty percent of the new building, allowing for expansion of the program. Additional space will provide teaching and laboratory research rooms, as well as extra classrooms.


“The healthcare industry is constantly growing and evolving, so a new location will bring in better resources and technology for the program,” said Cassidy Caughlan, a student in the School of Nursing.


The strength of the nursing and STEM programs at UNCG is a key reason for the selection of the department to be chosen for the project.


The School of Nursing was noted as a Center of Excellence by the National League of Nursing, and is one of six nursing programs in the nation to earn the title for three consecutive terms. It is also ranked 26th in the “Top 50 Best Value MSN Programs.”


The nursing program of UNCG produces nine percent of state BSN graduates, 18 percent of state MSN graduates and 32 percent of state doctoral graduates.


“We are lucky to have such a strong program. The expansion will hopefully attract more students and allow the school to continue to achieve and grow,” Caughlan said.

The project has three phases: 1) Demolition of the McIver Building; 2) Construction of the New Nursing and Instructional Building and 3) Construction of the South Chiller Plant.


McIver was not only selected because of its centralized location on campus, but also because of its use as a midway building.


“For years, McIver has been ‘swing space’ temporary housing for offices, while renovations to their buildings are going on. In my opinion, it needs to come down,” said Kenneth Terres, a staff member of the Media Studies Department.


During the summer, staff members from the Office of Space Management and Facilities will meet with representatives of the 18 departments presently located in McIver to develop relocation plans.


Several spots have already been selected for possible new homes for the moving departments, including out-of-business Addam’s University book store on Tate Street, and the Salvation Army Worship Center on Neal Street.


Locations for the movement of departments will be based on student interaction levels.


Academic instruction and support services with heavy student use will be kept towards the center of campus, while administrative functions will be located more towards the edge of campus.


All reassignment and relocation will be authorized by the Provost and Vice Chancellor.


The timeline goal for the project is a two-year construction period with an end cost of approximately $105 million.


The demolition of the existing McIver building will take place in Spring and Summer of 2018.

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