Third Basemen Caleb Webster wins SoCon Player of the Month


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Isaiah Saint Hilaire
    Staff Writer


Third basemen for the UNCG baseball team, Caleb Webster has played a sensational season. He is a freshman from Randleman, North Carolina, and out of high school he has earned a role in the Spartan’s starting lineup. Webster made the transition from shortstop to third base very well, and Coach Link Jarrett has been very pleased with the outcome, for it has been very exciting for the Spartans. Webster has also been very honored for the achievement as he mentioned he has been wanting to help the team continue its success for this season.


Not much was said during the series between Wofford as Webster refused to elaborate on his overall success through the month of March. He instead was focused on taking it one game at a time. “Yeah, I guess it’s something to be happy about.” Webster was not amused with the question asked, regarding the achievement he had been given for his stellar play in March. “It’s alright, I just do my own thing and make sure I work as hard as possible.” Webster insisted on making it clear that it was indeed not a big deal that he achieved SoCon Player of the Month. He is the type of player that focuses on winning and does not worry about his statistics. That is a part of baseball that he does not care about as he mentioned the hard work that he puts in to become a better baseball player each day.


Webster did elaborate on his work ethic he has in regards to playing baseball. He feels that he is a hard worker, and he ensures that he is the first one to the batting cage every practice to maximize the amount of reps he has at bat or practicing in-field.


“It is very important that I do the best I can to be the best player I can be”, said Webster.


Webster made it clear that it takes a lot of hard work. Success doesn’t happen rapidly, it takes a while to develop, especially as an up and coming freshman. Webster made it known that working hard has been something he has done going back to his high school baseball days. During those days, he had to perform to his highest ability to demonstrate that he is a valuable player to any roster.

Webster mentioned his transition from shortstop to third base. He exclaimed “It wasn’t that much of a difference, obviously moving toward the left side of the field is a change, but I had played third base in high school so I adapted pretty quickly this season.”

With the third base position, you have the responsibility of ensuring no runners get on that base as well as ensuring an out or possibly a double play. It is a position like shortstop because either way, the ground balls will be coming towards you at an incredible speed and force. It is imperative to be cognizant of where the ball is at all times to be successful at third base.

Webster did not have much to say about the first Wofford game of the weekend series. Some of the few words he said were “We just got to get better, we will be back tomorrow and it will be a new day, as for me, I just need to play better and have better awareness of where the ball is.” Webster is referring to the second game of the weekend series the Spartans had against the Wofford Terriers.

The award is very promising to the young freshman as it is his second award including the SoCon player of the week he had in March for his amazing play. Having a batting average above .400 is a remarkable achievement for a player in his class.


Incoming freshman usually only worry about the academics and making the adjustment of potentially living on their own away from their home. Caleb Webster has obviously not been phased by those obstacles, as he has helped the UNCG Spartans climb their way into the second spot for the SoCon standings directly behind Mercer. Caleb Webster will look to continue his stellar play, acknowledging that his play has been giving the Spartans the lift they need. If Caleb Webster continues to play the way he has so far throughout this 2017 campaign, the Spartans will find themselves in great position for next year’s Southern Conference standings.


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