First Woman To Receive Football Scholarship


Aldrin Ubaldo
    Staff Writer 

ARIZONA- On April 12th, Becca Longo became the first woman to sign a letter of intent to play college football at a Division II or higher school. During her signing ceremony, her football coach told the audience in attendance that in the past, women have been documented to play football for college teams, except that Longo was offered a scholarship while the other women only have to play by walking on the football team. “I didn’t know that until today,” Longo stated. “I’m still in shock from it. I’m just amazed.” Longo signed her letter to play for Adams State a school in Colorado as the team’s kicker. Not only will she be playing football, she will be playing for the basketball team as well.

Longo has been interested in kicking throughout her sports career. Her brother played high school football for King High in Riverside, California. While he was there, he was  teammate of a another female kicker named Heidi Garret who apparently holds the record of the longest field goal made by a female at 48 yards. Longo used Garret as inspiration and always saw her as an influence. “I looked up to her kind of how some girls look up to me now,” Longo said. Longo started her kicking career her freshman year acting as the junior varsity kicker at Queen Creek High in Arizona, but she transferred to Basha High making her sit out her Junior year. With her sitting out, she also suffered a back injury, which made doctors suspect that she wouldn’t play sports ever again. Longo was able to fight through her setbacks and was able to make it to spring training for Basha High in 2016.  Winning the starting kicker job for Basha, she was efficient foe extra-point attempts, converting 35-38 attempts and converting her only field-goal attempts for 30 yards.

After an efficient and good year for Basha High, she reached out to Adams State from the beginning of the football year but she didn’t hear back from them until her year was over. An assistant coach from the school came and gave her an official visit in February and she impressed the coaches in attendance with her kicking that it resulted to her receiving an offer.  She committed to them on March 4th and the basketball team a few weeks later. Adams State has already signed another recruit Tiago Piam and also have a returning sophomore Eduardo Majalca. “I’m ready to compete,” Longo said. “I don’t really have any expectations beyond that.” This is a great achievement for Longo, not many female football players have an opportunity to play for a higher up school in college football. Longo is another step for women to chase a dream that many people do not take notice of, and with this Longo can be the set tone for the women that look up to her like the women she looked up to for her to achieve her goals,

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