Greensboro creates map of city’s public art



Maryam Mohamed
Staff Writer

Greensboro is a city that heavily embellishes its community with art decor and other adornments. Colleges, sidewalks, buildings, neighborhoods and even libraries are all profoundly decorated.

Greensboro’s City Council members created an interactive map of the city’s art, in order to make it easily accessible for all.

Google maps now includes an interactive portion that displays the location of over 160 portraits, sculptures, paintings and sceneries.

Action Greensboro, according to the News & Observer, is a nonprofit organization that promotes change in the development of Greensboro.

“The real goal is for people to understand what a rich and vast collection of public art works we have in Greensboro,” said Executive Director of Actions Greensboro, Cecelia Thompson. “We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we put together some sort of map of our own, to encourage the public to explore their city through its public art collection.’”

Thompson elaborated more on the collaborators of the development.

“Action Greensboro collaborated with ArtsGreensboro, the Public Art Endowment of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, public art consultants Cheryl Stewart and Barbara Peck, and City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann to catalog the city’s pieces,” Thompson said in the News and Observer.

In 2015, Thompson and approximately 100 other city incumbents took a trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee to scrutinize and enhance the workforce development in Greensboro. This trip inspired Thompson to create an interactive map of Greensboro  after seeing that Chattanooga had over 150 pieces of public art.

The News & Observer’s website lists the contributors to this development.

Nine photographers — Lynn Donovan, Bert and Rebecka VanderVeen, Smith Woosley, Khadejeh Nikouyeh, Ted Partrick, Lynn Hey, Carolyn DeBerry and Julie Knight — took photos and donated them to the project.

Action Greensboro’s communications managers Curry and Candace Tucker, were the developers of the map on Google Maps. The final map was completed in early April and is accessible on smartphones.

“If you are on foot and want to explore downtown art, you can navigate it more easily,” Thompson said. “We wanted everyone to be able to own it. Having the map online rather than in print makes it easy for Action Greensboro to update it.”

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