The Chain of Sequels: Has it become too much?




Kaetlyn Dembkoski
Staff Writer

Excitingly, our school year is almost over. That means that we can start taking time for ourselves, rather than being constantly busy with homework and studying for tests. One thing I love to do is catch up on all of the television shows that I have had to push aside to make time for my schoolwork.

Along with television shows, I like to look forward to the summer films that are coming to theaters soon. Among the various means of entertainment that we enjoy, movies are highly anticipated during the summer months, seeing as students now have time to enjoy them and catch up on what they might have missed out on.

In looking at the upcoming year in terms of the films that will be available, most of them fall under the category of sequel rather than a new concept. However, the real question becomes whether this is copious amount of sequels versus movies with original content a bad thing?

In the records for upcoming films for the year are movies such as “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” and “Pitch Perfect Three,” which are just a few of the overload of sequels that are lined up for this year. But is this an overhaul of sequels? Are these films pushing aside their originality, to instead sell easily marketable repeats or even retellings of the stories?

When the first film of these franchises was released, most of these films were an instant success. They brought in large swaths of crowds, which gained them much credibility. This was then applied to add another story onto the existing one. In some cases, the second film was extremely inferior to the original, either losing the message or focusing on a part of the film that was unnecessary.

When I look at many of the films that are creating yet another sequel for themselves, I always concentrate my attention on the story first and foremost. Some of the original films left much to be unknown to the viewers, thus leaving the person wanting to hear the whole story. On the other hand, there are many films created as sequels for no reason other than to make more money without actually telling a new story.

While stories like “John Wick: Chapter 2” and “xXx Three: The Return of Xander Cage” provide the first scenario of continuing the story for the viewers. Others like “Cloverfield 2017” or “Resident Evil: Vendetta” seem to follow the other circumstance and simply make the films just to appease to certain viewer groups that will keep buying tickets just for by the title.

It is difficult to tell whether these movies will be worth either our time or our money. In the past couple years, a strong feeling of dissatisfaction has been prominent when describing sequels.

Occasionally, I would hear of a movie that broke that relentless chain and created a decent sequel. However when questioned about it further, these people would often tell me that it was solidly decent, and not a entire waste of money. Still, it was not a fantastic movie.

Personally, I am interested by the different variants of sequels coming this year. One in particular that I am intrigued to see what occurs in is “Alien: Covenant” especially since the last time that I saw a movie from the “Alien” franchise was the 1997 “Alien: Resurrection.”

The time in between these films has given way for new technologies and new ideas for plot that can add depth into the storyline. While this is possible, the potential for another story that lacks an expanding plot is just as likely. Although, until its release, we cannot judge this sequel as well as sequels as a collective.

Where are we going with sequels in the future? Currently this year, we are in for a ton of them back-to-back, but how will the movie list look like next year? If we continue to have this many sequels, won’t we eventually need new content to make room for new sequels, or will we simply keep telling the same stories until we’ve all but memorized them?

The mention of the word “sequel” gives many people doubt for the potential success for the movie. If we never move onto new material, we as audience members will most likely get bored. However, there is always opportunity for a sequel to surprise me.

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