Imagine Dragon’s “Evolve” – Album Review

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Matthew Paterson
Staff Writer

Imagine Dragons finally released their third studio album, “Evolve,” on June 23, ending their year-long hiatus.

2016 was filled with a few sporadic performances by the group, and several minor songs released on the soundtracks to a few major motion pictures like such as “Me Before You,” “Suicide Squad” and “Passengers.”  Aside from that, Imagine Dragonsdecided to take a step back after reaching new heights with their first two albums, “Night Visions” and “Smoke and Mirrors.”

During an interview with Billboard, lead singer Dan Reynolds said, “We haven’t stopped in, like, six years so we’ve forced ourselves to take at least a year off.”

        Then, suddenly on Jan. 31, the band released a new single, “Believer,” through Nintendo’s Super Bowl commercial for the Switch. “Believer,” was later accompanied by a video starring “Rocky IV” villain, Dolph Lundgren, and Dan Reynolds. The song eventually reached thirteenth on Billboard’s Hot 100, the highest out of the three singles released from “Evolve.”

“Believer,” is quintessential Imagine Dragons in the absolutely best way possible. The song has a grandiose vibe to it, with the authentic feeling that they are known for. The beat is stylistically a lot livelier than their usual pace – giving it that freshness Imagine Dragons were going for with the title Evolve.

        The second single to be released was “Thunder.” The ninth track on the album is more in line with the band’s previous songs because their bass drums and synthetic sound are nothing audiences have not heard before, but if you are a fan of Imagine Dragons, it can be found enjoyable. The song’s underdog tale is common, but nevertheless, Dan Reynolds makes it feel new.

        “Walking on a Wire,” the album’s fourth song, was accidentally released on YouTube a day earlier by Vevo. It was quick to be taken down. “Walking on a Wire,” is one of their love songs, and it has a pop feel to it. Keeping the song light and fun.

        “Rise Up,” is one of the better songs on the album. This break-out song that was not released as a single, gives more of a rock vibe than other songs. Reynolds strains his voice to the max with deep lyrics that blend into the band’s synth melody seamlessly with a chorus that is destined to be blasting through car radios soon.

        “Whatever It Takes,” the second song on the track list, is a personal song with deeply emotional content, but it does not feel like a depressing listen. The song still manages to be catchy, much like their song “Demons” from “Night Visions.”

Many of the tracks on “Evolve” maintain similar style, but as the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

        Evolve was not as different as I had expected but still a good addition to their discography, and true fans will enjoy it. It has its good songs that will be remembered, and the songs that will be left with the album.

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