A Look Back on 2016 in Sports


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Daniel Johnson
Sports Editor

The ESPYs award unofficially marks the end of the year in sports. The award show come out every year after the NBA Finals and NHL Stanley Cup and during All-Star week in baseball, making it the perfect time to end the sports year. And what a year it has been in professional and collegiate sports it has been.

New, young players have taken their sports by storm and established themselves as the future in their games. Players traded or signed with different teams shifting the balance of power in their respected leagues. And some of the greatest games in the history being played out, never knowing the winners until the final seconds and final plays of these games. Here is a quick look at this past year, starting from the last ESPYs on July 13, 2016.

Well, the new sports year began with the Golden State Warriors officially ending the 2017 NBA season by signing Kevin Durant to add to their 73-9 win season. The season may have ended, the the 3-1 jokes had just begun. The Rio Olympics were a month away from starting and absolutely no one was excited to go to Rio. Except for the US Basketball team who stayed in a luxury boat. The Chicago Cubs did their best Golden State Warriors impression by dominating the National League throughout the regular season and then adding another star to their team in Aroldis Chapman. Gary Sanchez looked like the future of the New York Yankees as Aaron Judge struggled to adjust to the Major Leagues (more on that later). And the NFL preseason began with two teams not playing on a terrible field for the Hall of Fame game. And Tom Brady couldn’t see the football field for four games, ending the Patriots chances at a title.  

Autumn began the football season. Michigan and Ohio State looked to dominate the Big Ten (there are twelve teams in the Big Ten). USC fired their coach and looked like the USC from a decade ago. Alabama steamrolled any team in their way as Clemson struggled game after game. The Patriots began their season with their backup quarterback winning two games. Then he got hurt. So they won with their third quarterback. It was the first time that the number of starting QBs for the Patriots matched the number of starting QBs for the Browns. The Panthers had a Super Bowl hangover. The Falcons flew over Carolina in the NFC South. And a pair of rookies turn the Cowboys back into America’s Team.

The World Series happened between the two most championship desperate franchises in baseball. The Cubs were down three games to on to the Cleveland Indians before storming back and winning a hard fought, close game seven on the road (that sounds so familiar). Finally, Chicago had a World Series (I guess the White Sox winning in 2006 just doesn’t count). And the Patriots lost Rob Gronkowski to injury, ending their chances at a Super Bowl title.

New year, yeah! Serena destroyed her sister to be the winningest player in Open Era history. Then she got pregnant, officially ending my interest in tennis for the year. Odell Beckham Jr went on a boat in Miami, got destroyed five days later in the Green Bay, then made a couple million dollars from shoes. Grayson Allen threw a temper tantrum. Russell Westbrook was handling his breakup from Durant by showing the world he was a strong, independent player who don’t need no players, despite playing a team sport. James Harden celebrated his independence from defense in Mike D’Antoni’s game-plan. And Cleveland and Golden State were waiting until June.

Then the Super Bowl and a young NFC South team went up against a veteran quarterback as favorites (sounds familiar). Then they took a 28-3 lead, ending the Patriots chance to, oh you know what happened. Roger Goodell had to hand over the Super Bowl trophy to the Patriots as the ultimate middle finger to your boss. And 3-1 jokes became 28-3 jokes. Then Tim Tebow decided to play baseball.

UNC rebounded from last year’s title loss with a victory. LaVar Ball became the Randy Marsh of sports dad. And Markelle Fultz lost almost every game he played in and still was the No.1 pick. USA baseball won the World Baseball Classic and Kristaps Porzingis won the NBA Skills Challenge as the only victory the Knicks had this season.

Spring sings the baseball season then. Aaron Judge turned into Roy Hobbs. Then Cody Bellinger turned to Roy Hobbs. Than Gary Sanchez got unjuried, came back, and became Roy Hobbs. Eric Thames got drafted, went to Korea (the southern one), came back, and turned into Roy Hobbs for the Milwaukee Brewers. And speaking of Milwaukee, a player who’s name is unpronounceable became on the NBA’s best players.

Then Tiger Woods got arrested, peaking my interest in golf for three minutes. But then the NBA Finals happened and well, what did you would happen? Golden State beat the mess out of the Cavaliers for winning last year’s title, reminding them that Cleveland isn’t allowed to win anything. Lonzo Ball went to the Lakers, LaVar Ball went to the WWE Raw, Phil Jackson got canned for the second win of the year for the Knicks, and Ice Cube decided to start a league where retired players play more basketball. There has already been injuries and high ratings. Oh yeah, the guy who drove the USFL into the ground is now President, which is the equivalent of electing the guy who fired Steve Jobs from Apple or the guy who pushed for “New Coke.”

And now we’re here. Happy Sports New Year everyone and let’s hope this one is better than last year.

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