Two Bands Coming to Cat’s Cradle This Weekend

A&E, 816, Brick & Mortar and the Roosevelts upcoming shows, Emily Cramton, Photo Credit- Wikicommons


Emily Cramton
Staff Writer

Summer soon comes to an end for many, but not for the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro. The seemingly endless line-up of bands and artists playing at the popular venue features many musicians making stops along their respective summer tours, including indie rock duo Brick and Mortar, as well as electric band The Roosevelts.

On August 18, New Jersey-based band Brick and Mortar will play in the back room, a space that holds only 160 people. This small venue, literally the back room of the Cat’s Cradle’s main performance space, allows for private and intimate concert experience.

For those new to the venue, it was originally established as a bar, with the back room geared towards a more casual atmosphere. The initial premise of the space was not even for concerts, but a place for concertgoers to relax and chill out in between bands. While this is still an option taken advantage of by many, the owners quickly realized that the bar would be a great host for intimate concerts, often performed by local and up-and-coming bands. Nowadays, the back room functions as a small club and hosts bands frequently and has become a popular venue, serving as a complement to the larger main stage at the Cat’s Cradle.

The first band playing this weekend is Brick and Mortar. Bandmates, Brandon Asraf and John Tacon, have been playing together since their middle school years, releasing their first studio album in 2010. Their music has been met with success in the Northeast region, and their summer tour travels the east coast and Texas in celebration of their newest EP, “Dropped Again.”

“Dropped Again” is a remastered version of the  “Dropped” EP, which they originally released and toured back in 2015. Released in April of this year, “Dropped Again” includes songs from the previous EP as well as two new singles.

Friday’s concert is sure to feature songs from the band’s three previously released recording, and many of their singles and potentially unreleased songs.

The following night, the Cat’s Cradle back room will host The Roosevelts, who call themselves America’s Own Indie Rock Act. Based in Nashville, Jason Kloess and James Mason make up the indie band. Their sound strives to meld the musical history of America, from blues to folk to country. From all of these sources, they have created a sound that is uniquely their own.

When defining their sound, the band members have said in an interview for their website,  “[we are] harmony driven American rock with a 70’s sensibility.” Others describe it as warm, rootsy pop, among other descriptors. Regardless of nomenclature, the band inarguably has its own unique sound that can only be understood when heard.

Even the inspiration for the band’s name itself came from American history. The band’s first day in the studio was President’s Day, and they were yet to find a name for themselves.

As Jason Kloess states in the band’s website bio, “We had the songs, but we didn’t have a name. There were two of them, and two of us. – I like to think they would have been fans of our music.”

And thus, The Roosevelts’ name was born.

With a warm and energetic sound, the band promises an exciting and meaningful concert experience. According to their website, “their show provides a rousing dance-worthy compilation of songs, but also features poignant tunes that scale the depths of their personality and communicate their story with remarkable power.”

Both concerts in the Cat’s Cradle back room look and sound to be highly worthy of attendance. Doors opening at 7:00 p.m. on their respective nights; tickets are $12 at the door. Come out and support independent bands, find a new favorite band and enjoy some unique and danceable music.

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