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Not really a fond memory or memories, but in the span of a week, I had some of the most painful losses one could have in NBA 2K. First, going against my eldest brother as the Chicago Bulls, he won on a fade away three point buzzer beater as Chauncey Billups. Then, later in that week, against my other brother, we decided to do a throwback game between the 1980s Celtics and Lakers. With Boston, I took a 20 plus lead into halftime with Kevin McHale dominating the paint. I proceeded to lose that game by a point because I could not stop Magic Johnson from doing whatever he wanted. NBA 2K does not bring fond memories for me.



When it comes to NBA 2K, I have numerous memories, both good and bad. One particular memory that stands out the most to me is when I would play with the Celtics when they had Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. My brother-in-law would always play with the Lakers. That was always a rivalry and we would always go back and forth in winning. This one particular game that we played, I’ll never forget. We were tied at 74, and he was waiting out the clock with the ball in Kobe Bryant’s hand. As the shot clock was about to expire, he ran in and dunked the ball with three seconds left in the game. So I inbounded the ball quickly and passed the ball to Ray Allen, and he made the three point shot as time expired. That was by far one of my favorite NBA 2K memories.



NBA 2K was never really on of my strengths, as I was always more of a Madden guy. I did however own what has to be the worst of the NBA 2K games, which was NBA 2K5.  That’s the one with Ben Wallace and his massive hair on the cover and the last game of the franchise to feature the ESPN logo. Wallace was a rebounding machine and defensive nightmare, and his Pistons were coming off winning the actual NBA Championship. This was the same time period that saw the Shaq-Kobe breakup, which is where I began losing interest and went into depression over the state of my Lakers. I hear the last couple of NBA 2K releases have been awesome, and I definitely look forward to trying them out.



My favorite 2k has to be from 2013, my Freshman year of college. A guy who lived in my dorm came by and told me that he would destroy me in 2k, and he turned out to be the worst player I’d ever seen. I had him take the Steve Nash, Dwight Howard Lakers (who were rated very strong on the default rosters) and I took the Magic, who were ranked 30th. He tried for so many steals that I just sliced his defense up with passes. I won by over fifty points. There have been lots of better games, but that one has the comedic aspect going for it.



My favorite 2k memory is from this year. I was playing against my friend Chris at my house. I was playing as the Indiana Pacers, and he was playing as the Boston Celtics. The first game, I beat him by 40 points. He was stunned. I daresay, it was one of the greatest gaming victories of my life. After that game, I continued to crush him and went 4-of-6 in the next couple of hours. It was wonderful. He had it in his head that he could crush me, and he absolutely didn’t. It was awesome. By this point, he got angry and pulled out the Golden State Warriors and crushed me, but it didn’t matter because I had already crushed him in the last 4-of-6 anyways.



I had recently purchased a PlayStation 4 and wanted my friend to play 2k with me. We ended up playing the my career mode and sharing the remote. My ratings were off the chart, and at this point I ended up playing like the man on the cover of NBA 2k15, Kevin Durant himself. I was playing against the Golden State Warriors and found myself with 50 points by the end of the game as we ended regulation tied at 120. I was confident that I would win in overtime and played for the five minutes needed and ended up tying again. In double overtime, I ended up letting my friend play. He added an additional 15 points, and by then I was over the 60 point mark. Triple overtime occurred, and I was sure I was going to win. My point total has gone up to a total of 85 points, and within the last three seconds of the game, Stephen Curry shot the game winning three (yes vintage steph). It was heartbreaking but very enjoyable as I learned that I cannot underestimate hall of fame mode on NBA 2k.

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