A Glimpse Into An Artist’s Mind: Brianna Blount

A&E, 920, Brianna Blount Interview, Ty'Shae Cousar, Photo Credit-Atlanta Falcons Photographer

Courtesy of Atlanta Falcons

Ty’Shae’ Cousar
Staff Writer

UNCG’s alumni, Brianna Blount, is an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader in Atlanta, Georgia. This is her first season of being an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and has been a dream of hers for a long time. In May 2017, Brianna Blount graduated from UNCG, with a BA in Dance and with most of her Accelerated Bachelor’s to Graduate degree, which she hopes to finish at one of the best fashion programs in Atlanta.

Brianna Blount grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina with her little brother and her parents. At that time, she was introduced to different blends of culture from her Northern Puerto Rican mother and her Southern African-American father.

Her parents agreed to have her skip a grade and she was later enrolled in a private school from second to eighth grade. She would beg her parents every year after fifth-grade to let her go to a public school, but that idea was always rejected. They felt that private school was where she needed to be because that is where she would receive the best education.

“Looking back I am very thankful they kept me in private school and challenged my intelligence and strength,” Brianna said. “I graduated from a private middle school and went to a public high school where I indulged in cheerleading, dance and fashion shows.”

Blount never thought she would be a dancer, but she always had a passion for it. “I hear music and start to move,” Brianna said. “I always had a niche for a good rhythmic beat. I would grab my boom-box or walkman, (yes it was a boom-box and a walkman) go outside and just dance.”

Brianna recalled, “Sometimes I would choreograph and dance until the street lights came on.”

Blount started dancing at seven years old.  She started with the genre of jazz, but then began to cross-train when she was about 13 years old in ballet, modern, contemporary, Horton and tap. Her favorite dance genre is jazz because it is upbeat, just like her personality. There are many moments in jazz where she has felt challenged, which makes her love the genre more. Jazz is “sweat and hard work” and that is where she feels like her passion lies in dance. She finds her movement by feeling the music or accent beats in her body.

“Most of the time if I listen to the song while staring off into space, it gives me a vision and a certain style I am going for,” Brianna said. “I am heavily into fashion, so I also listen to the song and try to see what style of movement would match the clothes I would wear for that song.”

Brianna’s journey to become an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader started in her junior year in college. She finally decided that a professional dance team would be the ideal opportunity after graduating from college. She was stuck in between dancing for the Atlanta Falcons or Miami Heat. After talking to professional dancers and choreographers, they expressed that Atlanta would be the best move for her, explaining that Atlanta would be where she could grow more as a dancer in the industry.

Brianna expresses her love for the Falcons by stating that she has loved it since her very first appearance with the team. “It feels amazing just knowing that with one smile, one hug or even a picture, we can make someone’s day,” Brianna said. “The love that the fans give us is unmeasurable. I cannot see myself anywhere other than where I am and that is on the team.”

When asked about who her favorite dancer is, Brianna responded with a multitude of people. However, if she had to pick, it would be Jojo Gomez, mainly because her musicality and her fiery personality while she dances is something to really look up to. Jojo is the type of dancer she aspires to be.

As for what Brianna’s plans for the future are, it depends on if she wants to stay with the Falcons for many seasons to come. Her long-term goal is to become a choreographer who is not bound by contract, but works with different celebrities for different choreographic projects they may need. She might even want to indulge in being a dance captain for a major celebrity.

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