The Sport of Self-Development


Courtesy of Isaiah Saint Hilaire

Isaiah Saint Hilaire
Staff Writer

Junior, and chemistry major, Ronaldo Guzman, made it clear that fencing has been one of the most fascinating sports he has been involved in. He spoke about the early stages of his fencing career and how he didn’t really have an interest in it when he was in high school. However, his friend introduced him to the sport and explained what the sport was about. Since then, Ronaldo Guzman has been a proud “fencer” and how enjoyed his self-development. He explained the skills that are learned as well as the different blades that are involved. Epae, being that the body is the whole target area, is mostly used for novices’. He also mentioned that foil was the a little more difficult as the upper torso area is the place in which you want to attack your opponent. The final stage is saber, which is the blade Ronaldo uses. That blade consists of targeting the head and facial area of your opponent. He made it clear that this sport about being the strongest or the largest; it is very tactical, which is why he has been in the club since his freshman year.

Ronaldo spoke about the reasoning as to why he joined the club; he claimed that his love for fencing started from word of mouth with his friend. He found it interesting and wanted to join the club that UNCG offered. He met the president of the club his freshman year during SOAR in the Elliott University Center. He then remembered all the interesting aspects of fencing from what his friend had told him in high school, and Ronaldo was not disappointed. His love for fencing was shown greatly during his practices. He mentioned that fencing can involve teams or individual opponents. The individual aspect of the sport peaked his interest because Ronaldo spoke about the enjoyment of being able to be in control his own destiny. He can control whether he had success in the sport and that was what compelled him to join the club.

Ronaldo mentioned the interactions he has with other people in the club and says that there are many people that initially join but do not stay. He says “the fact that people quit after about the first week shows you the amount of commitment people have with the sport.”. He says that they do not have the commitment that others have for the sport. He attributes this to how fencing  can be very complicated if you do not put in the effort to learn it properly. Ronaldo goes onto say how club member spend time with each other outside of fencing. He mentioned that interactions are great and that he has never had any “bad” interactions with others due to the chemistry he has with them.

Ronaldo claims that the sport relieves tension because of how he can forget about the classes he is taking or the other commitments he may have. He said that having the saber blade gives him a more offensive approach because your target is difficult to hit. He mentioned the relief of being able to attack someone and taking out whatever tension he may have.

Ronaldo Guzman is a young man who has made an interest in this sport of self-development. He has enjoyed the time he has spent with others in the club at UNCG. He has also enjoyed the fact that he can forget about all the stress that is on his mind throughout the week. Practices are on Thursday evening on Sunday afternoon which is the perfect time to forget about whatever academic woes you may be having. Ronaldo made it unequivocally known that his interest in the sport has helped him make friends at UNCG. He has been grateful with the skills he has developed and will continue his development by being in the fencing club.

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