A Closer Look at the Upcoming Nursing Facility to Replace McIver

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Joe Schuler
Staff Writer

Beginning in December 2017, the McIver building will be closed to all students. In the past, the building has been closed for renovations, but this time it will be closed for demolition.

In it’s place will be a new, unnamed building that will supply UNCG with an updated nursing program. This building is just another step on the School of Nursing’s path to becoming state-of-the-art.

In June 2017, the campus facilities received a simulator to create the experience of a live birth. With a price tag upwards of $45,000, it shows exactly the kind of money the program is willing to spend to ensure their students get top-of-the-line education and preparation for their careers.

Dr. Heidi Krowchuk, Acting Dean of the UNCG School of Nursing, is overseeing many aspects of production for the school. She primarily focuses on the future innovation of the Nursing program and its place in the new building.

Currently there are three labs used to recreate a true nursing experience for the students. These are used to simulate anything from a mock emergency room to an Intensive Care Unit. A goal, according to Dr. Krowchuk, would be to expand the three simulation centers to eight simulation centers. Another projected expansion to the program is a skills lab where future nurses will be able to learn a variety of tasks.

This building is also hoping to keep up with the evolving nursing curriculum. According to Dr. Krowchuk, the curriculum was last updated one year ago. When asked if the curriculum will likely change again before the new building opens, she stated, “Probably so, because nursing is a real dynamic discipline and information changes.”

Regarding other specifications of the new building, Krowchuk announced the intention of placing solar panels on the roof for the purpose of being able to supply a portion of the building’s energy. She also expressed excitement for an outdoor classroom being planned on grounds just outside the building itself.

When asked about the timeline for this project, Dr. Krowchuk replied that the new center is projected to be open “Hopefully by June 2020, in time for the students to use that fall. That is two years and nine months.”

Since they seem to be going at breakneck speed, Dr. Krowchuk has also stated that the funding will come from “a combination of tuition and fees, and donors.” Krowchuk emphasized the significance of donor funds to her program, as they make up the majority of the funding for this project.

When asked about what her future role may be in the upcoming Nursing program, she responded, “I am the Associate Dean, meaning I oversee all of the degree and certification programs.” She envisions her future role remaining similar to her current one.

Krowchuk also expressed great excitement about the ability to finally obtain funds for a new building. She stated that of the 27 years she has worked for UNCG, she has spent 20 of them pushing for this new building.

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