The Phenomenon of Rick and Morty

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Annalee Glatus
Staff Writer

For the past few months, the name “Pickle Rick” has become an internet sensation. Various social media platforms are littered with “Rick and Morty” memes and graphics. The Cartoon Network show is on Adult Swim, an adult-oriented programming featured only at night. The show is in its third season, but “Rick and Morty” has swept the world of geeks and nerds alike. The show was a very popular feature at this year’s comic con. But, one may be inclined to question why this show has such a positive reaction by its viewers.

First off, the show is a blend of the ridiculous comedy that Cartoon Network is so famous for; plus, it includes exciting science. What is really cool is that most of the science involved in the show is based on actual scientific facts. The show follows the lives of Rick and Morty going on scientific adventures that often involve Rick using his portal to transport them to different times and dimensions. Rick is Morty’s grandfather, hardly senile, and an eccentric comic character that spends a lot of time burping and talking slowly from continuous alcohol consumption. His grandson Morty is a run-of-the-mill awkward high school kid that helps Rick on his various intergalactic missions. Their relationship is amazing in the fact that both rely so heavily on each other. Rick needs Morty to assist him on important scientific missions; and without Rick, Morty would not have a friend. Morty is often ripped from his average life to Rick’s dramatically eccentric one. Their relationship is sometimes sweet, sometimes morally questioning and always hilarious.

The creators, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, have produced a show where comedy and science are so well-blended that they seem like the same thing. Having a scientific background would probably make the show funnier, but having the basics of high school biology is also sufficient. The phenomenon of the show lies in the fact that there is hardly a show like it and yet the uniqueness feels normal. From the very beginning of the series, the audience is sucked into a world with robots, time-travel and multi-dimensional worlds, but it fits so well and feels so normal to the characters that it is easy to completely trust the show and accept the given circumstances as average while also understanding the humor of it all.

The show includes other characters, including Morty’s parents and older sister. The parents have a relaxed, funny relationship, and the sister exemplifies the over-annoying and detached teenage girl. These characters can sometimes feel as if they are a comedy bit for the show, but other times they are running their own lives and engaging in the plotline. The show is not one that needs to be watched in order, until about the third season.

Rick and Morty throughout the show encounter various creatures and alien-like monsters that more often than not create some sticky and often gory images for the audience. There is a continuing comedic bit where Rick leaves Morty to his own devices against a seemingly impossible situation until at the last minute Rick comes back and saves him. Through all the gore and short-term abandonment, the show still exemplifies comedy in a silly and authentic way.

This show is great for anyone who loves comedy or science or both. It relies mostly on situational humor which engages the part of a viewer that wants to scream at the tv, but in the best way. “Rick and Morty” is shown on Cartoon Network  although no new episodes are currently available. The show can be watched on

Be sure to check it out and be up to date on what everyone is raving about.

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