A look at UNCG College Democrats

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UNCG College Democrats

Traci Summers
Staff Writer

The UNCG College Democrats is a politically involved, progressive and engaged group of students that works on campaigning their platform and assisting the Democratic party. The organization was founded in 1955 and has weekly meetings that are open to any UNCG student.

The President of the UNCG Democrats, Roger Cooper, has been a member for a year and started his career with the College Democrats when the President of College Democrats of North Carolina John E. Sterling nominated Cooper for position of treasurer during his first attended meeting. Cooper won the election for UNCG College Democrats Treasurer by one vote and has now succeeded on to president of the organization.

On a day to day basis, a main way the group advocates for the Democratic party is by reacting to events taking place around the nation and on campus. The UNCG College Democrats often react to major political events such as the Trump Administration decisions as well as events on campus involving the group’s counterparty, the UNCG College Republicans. In a recent event, UNCG hosted a Drag Bingo event in which the UNCG College Republicans responded with a statement discouraging the event due to the affiliation with the drag community. UNCG College Democrats responded to this statement with a press release defending the event which got over 22,000 engagements on social media.  

“One idea that I try to encourage is that we are not an activist organization, we are a branch of the party that advocates for political awareness, political activity, and political engagement. We do respond to a lot of controversial events on campus when necessary,” said Cooper.

The UNCG College Republicans have plans to invite Dinesh D’Souza, a radio talk show host who holds a variety of beliefs differing from those of the Democratic Party. Although the UNCG College Democrats cannot stop their counter party from inviting this guest, the group does plan on responding in a way that shows Democratic values.

The UNCG College Democrats are very present during elections and take major action to affect those results. The group campaigns around the UNCG campus as well as around Guilford County during elections in order to advocate for their party. During last year’s presidential election, the group heavily influenced students and citizens by knocking on doors and assisting in voter registration.

“UNCG has 6,307 residential students, which means we have 6,307 people who can help decide municipal, county, state and federal elections. When we are able to organize our campus and get out there and vote, people have to listen to us and they have to advocate because they will eventually realize that we can decide how this election goes.”

Although the group is a UNCG based organization, the members are present among the county, state and nation. Cooper, being president, has responsibilities with college democrats in every level from UNCG to the national group: College Democrats of America. Great responsibilities comes with Cooper’s position on and off campus.

“What you have to understand is that when you are a college democrat, the party need us. A lot of times we get invited to events, we get to go places, we get to meet people. This honestly is the biggest way that I think college democrats and any youth auxiliary are able to influence”

UNCG College Democrats is in the EUC every Wednesday greeting people and telling students and staff about their organization. The group meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Cury 334. UNCG College Democrats encourages anyone and everyone to attend meetings and learn more about their organization.

The UNCG College Republicans declined to contribute any meeting or organizational information.

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