Now, Now at Cat’s Cradle

A&E, 1018, Now, Now, Matt Paterson, Photo Credit- Matthew Paterson

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Matthew Paterson
Staff Writer

An electricity was in the air at Cat’s Cradle on Wednesday night; the audience could barely contain their giddiness to see Now, Now perform again. The indie rock duo comprised of Cacie Dalager and Bradley Hale has been on hiatus since 2013, with this tour being their first since then. Now, Now decided it was time for a change, they revamped their website and social media accounts completely. Their first contact with the world was earlier this summer when they released teaser videos, shortly after announcing tour dates and releasing two singles “SGL” and “Yours.”

Prior to their current success, Cacie Dalager and Bradley Hale were once high school bandmates in Blaine, Minnesota. Their name was originally Now, Now All My Children which came from an inside joke involving a typo in an online chat between the band members. For their first EP, they had Brad’s sister, Britty Hale, on the keyboards and schoolmate Justin Schweim on bass. They signed to a local record label in 2007, releasing two EP’s leading up to their debut album “Cars” in late 2008. Christine Sako joined the band on bass for a few live performances after Justin dropped out. This eventually led to Jess Abbott’s formal addition to the band in 2009.

In 2010, the band eventually left the label and shortened the name to Now, Now. They self-produced an EP titled “Neighbors,” and its title track is famously known for playing on an episode of “Greys Anatomy.” About a year after “Neighbors” hit the internet, Now, Now signed to Trans Record Label for the release of their second album, “Threads,” in 2012. Since that album, the band had not released one single until May 2017.

After being hyped up by Minneapolis band, Dem Yuut, an indie rock band with a pop vibe, the crowd was ready for what they have been anticipating for four years.

Cacie, clad in her new pink hair, and Bradley took their positions onstage, joined by Danny O’Brien and Jef Sundquist of Dem Yuut who took up bass and guitar. They opened with the song “Prehistoric” and the crowd bopped along to the pop beat carelessly. Everyone on stage seemed like they were having the best time in the world, constantly joking around and laughing. Frequently interacting with crowd members between songs, Cacie even had some family members in the crowd who she shouted out near the end of the show.

The band went through their albums and a few of their EP’s, playing songs like “Wolf,” that has an EDM vibe to it, then moving on to melancholy songs like “But I Do” which seems to break everyone’s hearts. Now, Now’s versatility is what sets them apart from other bands, you never know if the song will tug at your emotions or send you the energy to get up and dance.

Cacie and Bradley also played two of their newest singles – “SGL” and “Yours.” “SGL,” short for shotgun lover, is one of those songs that is meant to be listened to on the road. The song is catchy, using more of their pop-heavy style to get people in the mood and move their heads to the rhythm. If “SGL” and “Yours” are any indication of a new album, it goes to show that hiatus has certainly paid off as they have come back stronger than ever.

They ended with three encore songs, two from “Threads” and the last one from “Neighbors,” leaving their fans still wanting more.

Now, Now has yet to release any information about a new album; the wait continues.

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