Greensboro City Council Meeting

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Kevin Liu
Staff Writer

The Oct. 17 meeting of the  Greensboro City Council authorized and resolved various budget and re-zoning ordinances brought up during the hearing. Some of the ordinances revolved around amending the amounts of money given to grants and activities enacted in previous council meetings.

The city council authorized the rezoning property of Ruffin Road owned by Keystone Group, Inc., Four Farms Road owned by Lopp Family Limited Partnership and 4493 Old Battleground Road Owned by RL REGI-NC CIL LLC. These re-zoning changes will meet the needs of neighborhoods and protect neighborhoods from potential negative impacts. The changes were authorized unanimously by the council members.

The city council also changed the budgets of many grants and programs that were presented to the council. One of the budget changes was towards the North Carolina Department of Transportation for Downtown Greenway Phase 2: Project EL-5101DJ. The council authorized an increase for the funding to the amount of nearly $4.2 million.

The Greensboro City Council and mayor also established the Bus and Bush Facilities Discretionary Grant and approved the action of receiving the grant. This grant will be received from the FTA and will be used to make improvements to the depot. The design and awarding of the contract will start after the design is finished and the funds are received.

The city council approved the resolution awarding a servicing contract to Transdev Services Inc. for the management and operations of the transit services provided by the Greensboro Transit Authority (GTA). The board was thanked for resolving issues that came up during the process and heard from a representative of the GTA, Janet Wallace.

Wallace stated that this round of proposals was done in a fair manner, understanding that it is the largest contract the city has entered into the services category, and thanked the council for their time and effort. Richard Bryson, the chairman of the GTA Board, further commended the staff and evaluation committee.

“This process was not easy. This process did not happen overnight. We have some wonderful staff and they worked hard together with the board to make sure that the transit system in Greensboro Propels to the future and we do wonderful transportation services,” said Bryson.

Councilwoman Sharon Hightower shared concerns with the recent opinion editorial that addressed a homicide across town. The editorial made a reference to the person involved as a former NC A&T student. Councilwoman Hightower wanted to be sure the mayor and council members were very cognizant about their relationship with the universities, especially with NC A&T. Councilmen Hightower hopes in the future that the mayor and council members will make all strides to be more positive when it comes to their relationship with the universities.

In order to correct this mistake, she also questioned how the Greensboro City Manager will go about making the media correction in regards of naming the NC A&T student involved in this incident. The manager stated he has already reached out to the chancellor and said that it was unfortunate they elected to say the involved person was a former student of NC A&T. The Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson says the council will use this example as an opportunity to acknowledge their mistake and correct it.

The next Greensboro City Council meeting will be held on Nov. 14.

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