The Spooky Guide to Greensboro Haunted Attractions

A&E, 927, Woods of Terror, Chelsea Korynta, Photo Credit- Chelsea Korynta (1)

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Matthew Paterson’s Ghost
Staff Writer

The nights have begun to grow eerier, costume parties are being thrown and pumpkins guard doorsteps, which can only mean Halloween is approaching fast. So, if you are not already scared sh*tless by the daily news and could use some fright that is not so real, you might want to get your shriek on at a few of these scary places that range from the terrifying woods to an average dorm room…that just happens to be full of cannibal children.

First up on our list is the award-winning “Woods of Terror” on Church Street. It is an amusement park from hell, ranked by Buzzfeed as one of the “19 Insane Haunted Houses That Will Literally Scare the Sh*t Out of You.” The show has many attractions including famous movie classics where you roam through the homes of iconic slashers Freddy Krueger, Leatherface and Jason Vorhees. It is like being inside your own movie, but the question is – will you make it to the end?

Another walkthrough they have at the park involves the almost universal phobia of spiders and other creepy crawlies that bring goosebumps to the skin just by thinking about them. This is just one of many other attractions that you can choose from. Ticket prices vary depending on the day but it is not something to be missed for the thrill seekers out there.

This next haunted area also involves the terrifying depths of the forest. Kersey Valley’s “Spookywoods” contains a number of attractions that will chill you to the bone. They have interactive attractions like “Village of the Damned: Croatoan” where you get lasers and have to shoot the living dead with laser guns as you move through the attraction. You can also visit a barn that has been taken over by mad doctors in the “Abomination” ride and see the gruesome experiments they conduct.

Something that is not as scary and a little historic to visit is Carolina History and Haunts, which kind of sounds like something you would go to on a school field trip but it is a solid hour and a half of walking around Greensboro and seeing the places some people died and are rumored to still hang around. Their title for this year’s tour is “Nightmares Around Elm Street.” Who knows, maybe you’ll see a real apparition or two.

This last attraction is not where you would expect – not in some foreboding house or wicked woods. Ashby’s “House of Torment” is set in the typical dorm with anything but typical kids. These college kids have a hankering for raw meat as most of them have already run out of Flex. Tickets are $5 dollars but if you bring a canned good you only need to pay $3, all the proceeds go to the Arc of Greensboro and Spartan Open Pantry. You get to take a tour of the House of Torment and try not to get eaten on the way. The dorm halls are filled with horror that should not be missed. Tours start Oct. 29 from 7 p.m.-12 a.m. at Ashby Residential College right here on UNCG’s campus.

These attractions are seasonal so make a plan, bring some friends and get scared. It is the time for it; but if for some reason none of these attractions seem to frighten you enough and you want something even scarier, then you can always remember that the doomsday clock is 2-and-a-half minutes from midnight also known as the end of the modern world as we know it, and that is the closest it has been since 1953. Stay spooky Greensboro.

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