SGA Meeting


Joe Schuler (Right)

Joe Schuler
Staff Writer

On Oct. 24, the UNCG Student Government Association held their weekly meeting where they tackled a hefty agenda including swearing in new senators, meeting with the head of dining services and spreading the word regarding several clubs and initiatives on campus.

Vice President Mikaela Portugal, speaking about Jennifer Simmons, one of the new elected senators said, “She will be a great edition to the senate. She will do a lot to help our platform.”

Portugal also noted that there was still one senate position left vacant for the senate seat for the Bryan School of Business.

The first item on the agenda for that evening was the meeting with Eric Schlau, the Dining Services Marketing Director, and Sarah Lynch, the Dining Services District Manager. They were promoting their “Clean Plate Initiative.” Citing how much food was wasted every week, they were looking for an angle to persuade the SGA to help advertise their message to start with small portions and then make a second round for more food in the local cafeteria.

Next on the agenda was Professor John Chapman, UNCG’s Director of Business Development. Having recently created a sales minor at the Bryan School of Business, he was there in an attempt to promote the department, along with raising awareness for his own organization.

After Professor Chapman had vacated the floor, the swearing in of the new senators took place. Both Jennifer Simmons (junior) and Tamika Robertson were asked to step into the hall. While they were gone, the rest of the senate voted on their confirmation. Both votes were unanimously in favor of the candidates, and both were ushered back in and took the oath to officially begin their duties.

Upon their swearing in, all of the senators dispersed into smaller groups to discuss initiatives with one another which may be worth pursuing. Taylor Christy, one of the senators, would like to pursue a career as an investment banker. When asked what the UNCG SGA could do in order to better realize his dream, he gave his idea for an initiative where there could be a program more focused specifically on a student’s specific field of business, which in his case would have been investment banking.

After some time dispersed, the senators reconvened as one large group, sharing each other’s ideas and talking about how they may be executed. Christy’s idea was similar to, or shared by, a few others and was received with a warm reception. It will be taken into further consideration by the SGA regarding methods of execution.

This was a rather quiet meeting, as it was initially intended to be by Vice President Portugal. “Up to seven senators will be missing tonight, unfortunately,” Portugal said, due to excused absences of various reasons.

According to Portugal, she would like to see meetings with more senators involved, but would also like to see a greater amount of small-group collaboration like there was at this meeting. The next SGA meeting will be on Nov. 7 at 6 p.m. in the Bryan Room 111.  


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