Movie Buffs Unite: Campus Movie Fest is Coming Soon

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Annalee Glatus
Staff Writer

Acting is not everyone’s niche in the film business, but at Campus Movie Fest, that is more than fine because the entire production process is the focus.

Campus Movie Fest is a festival featuring short productions by students at the university. The winner of the festival will receive a cash prize of $10,000. That being said, the goal is to have fun and give students the opportunity to do something they have always wanted to do, but never got the chance.

“I believe that CMF is a great opportunity because it allows students who have never picked up film making equipment to learn a new skill and embrace their creative side,” said Sara Stewart, the promotional manager for Campus Movie Fest. “It also allows students who have had a passion for film all of their lives to jumpstart their film career.”

All majors are able to participate in the festival. The process is free of charge while also providing complimentary tech and cameras.

Students have a week to make the film and it has to be five minutes or less. It can be on any subject they want; however, there are two categories that are supported by the festival: social justice and documentaries. Students can submit their films under either category to be considered for a prize.

The social justice category entails a film covering any social justice issue prevalent in our world today. These films will include a call to action or sort of moral message based on the chosen social injustice. The festival is looking to include positive messages and not just commentary on social injustices.

The documentary category is organized through the famous Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Students who submit to this category have the opportunity to have it shown at the Tribeca Film Festival.

However, student-produced films are not required to be within these categories. Students are encouraged to produce any type or genre of film they choose. The films will be featured on the Campus Movie Fest website and YouTube page, and the top 16 films will be shown on campus at the Premiere screening. The screenings are free of charge and are open to the public.

“The Premiere screening is always the most exciting part for me,” Stewart said. “I love seeing the students get dressed up and walk the red carpet, as well as, seeing the student’s friends and family there supporting them.”

There will be an audience award given out to the filmmaker that brings the most audience members to the screening. The screening is taking place at the EUC Cone Ballroom at 6 p.m. on Nov. 10, and there will be a reception with free food and a red carpet. In the spirit of a real Hollywood caliber premiere, people are encouraged to attend in formal wear. There will be an incentive to dress up — the best-dressed will win an award. Even if you do not submit a film you can still walk away with a free T-shirt or other prizes that will be given out at the event.

One goal for this festival is to make it a gateway for young filmmakers. Another goal is to help bring attention to people with a passion and talent for filmmaking. Though Campus Movie Fest is a competition, it is also supposed to highlight the talent of amateur directors.

“Maybe they tap into a passion and become the next Steven Spielberg,” Stewart said.

The Campus Movie Fest is full of opportunities to further a filmmakers dreams. Along with having your work shown to the public, up to 45 students will have the opportunity to go to the Cannes Film Festival in France where they will get to walk the red carpet and talk to producers and people in the film industry.

Fancy yourself a movie buff? Then, come out to enjoy a few short flicks in support of UNCG student filmmakers.

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