November 2017 Election Results

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Madison Hoffmann 
News Editor

On Tuesday, ballots were cast statewide to decide on who North Carolinians wanted in their counties’ mayoral and city council seats.

Incumbents were largely victorious in winning the city’s five district seats.

In Greensboro, voters elected Mayor Nancy Vaughan to a third term; she has held the position since 2013. Vaughan received 19,812 votes compared to her competition, Diane Moffett, who received 9,325 votes.

Residents also voted on candidates for Greensboro City Council seats.

For the three at-large seats, incumbents Marikay Abuzuaiter and Yvonne Johnson collected winning votes of 15,627 and 21,221. Michelle Kennedy, a newcomer in the Greensboro City Council, will join them in the last at-large seat after picking up 13,167 votes.

Results of the district seats: In District 1, Sharon Hightower won reelection with 84 percent of the vote; Goldie Wells won reelection with 71 percent of the vote; Justin Outling secured reelection in District 3 with 73 percent of the vote; Nancy Hoffmann kept her district 4 seat with 67 percent of the vote; Tammi Thurm is newly welcomed in District 5 after winning the vote by 55 percent against Tony Wilkins.

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