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As that glorious time of the year comes around again known as the Holiday season, let’s hear from the sports staff about that favorite memories from Thanksgiving.


It was Thanksgiving of 2010, and my two brothers and I decided for the first time in about two or three years to go play “Thanksgiving football.” And, man were we bad! It was clear that we had not played any football in months. At a certain point, we looked at each other and said “ourselves from four years ago would stomp us into the ground.” But what I remember most about that day was my brother, Matthew, did not stretch and spent the entire time running with a limp. So for the first time ever, I turned the corner on him and scored, as the three of us just laughed at the absurdity.



The year 2011 was an amazing season for the Saint-Hilaires. Visiting our family and friends in the big apple was even better because our Giants had been successful during that season. I remember watching the game during our Thanksgiving meal (yes my grandfather has a 50 inch in his kitchen). It was time for us to go around the table and give thanks. “I’m thankful for the Giants this year,” I said as I was consuming stuffing and mash potatoes simultaneously. Everyone laughed vigorously, almost as if they had heard a joke from Joe Buck (he’s not a funny man). I lamented on why I was thankful for the Giants with the way their offensive line was playing. It was a heart-warming feeling that day, a day I won’t be celebrating this year in regards to how the Giants are playing. Good thing I didn’t have to write about this season.



I have always looked forward to the Holiday season, especially Thanksgiving Day.  Throughout most of my teenage years for myself, Thanksgiving Day meant a day on the golf course.  My mom’s side of the family is huge, and they all meet at my parents house for a feast every Thanksgiving afternoon, but myself, my Dad, Uncle Dave, and Uncle Keith would always meet early so we could get in 18 holes.  We would normally show up a bit late for lunch, but getting to spend a few hours on the course with family was always well worth it.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting back out there this year.



I remember so clearly, 2012 thanksgiving, a lot of food as well as a lot of football games. I’m a New York Jets fan, and I have a couple of friends who are New England Patriots fans, so of course there was a lot talking between us. I most definitely chose the wrong day to do that. As the outcome of the game was 49-19 with the Patriots winning. To make matters worst, that was the game where the Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez had the “butt fumble,” where he ran right into one of his offensive linemen butt and fumbled the ball… From that point forward, I have been cautious of who and what teams I talk about.



My favorite memory was during Thanksgiving of 2015 when my family’s favorite team, the Carolina Panthers, played the Cowboys in Dallas on Thanksgiving. We were undefeated at the time, but Tony Romo had returned from injury to play in the game and many pundits picked us to lose despite Dallas’ abysmal record. We, however, went on to win in dominant fashion fueled by two first quarter interceptions by Luke Kuechly. Kuechly got a 60 yard pick six on the first drive of the game and then proceeded to get another one on the next drive. Me and my mother fell out laughing however as Kuechly had fallen over from fatigue while running back the second interception.



My favorite Thanksgiving memory occured in 2015. Some family friends invited us over for a big Thanksgiving supper, preceded by a football game. It was a clear, crisp day, and I donned an old set of cleats and an ancient Jake Delhomme jersey. The football game was first one to 10, win by two. It was tied at 10. Then I caught two improbable touchdown catches (over my best friend, to boot) to win the game and earn supreme bragging rights until next year.


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