The Quarter Roys Politically Psychedelic New Album

A&E, 1115, The Quarter Roys, Tripp Hurd, PC- Tristan Pelletier & Vivian Khan

Courtesy of Tristan Pelletier and Vivian Khan

Tripp Hurd
Staff Writer

No amount of musical talent can make up for a lame band name. Luckily for The Quarter Roys, they do not have to worry about that. The Quarter Roys released their debut album “If You Think I Should” on Oct. 30 on After starting off as “The Corduroys,” a spelling error by a band member who will not be named, led to the band title changing to The Quarter Roys. The band is comprised of four UNCG students with Ethan Golden on vocals, Nick VanBuskirk and Logan Butler on guitar and Ricky Perez on the drums. Releasing an album was quite the feat for a band that formed just a few months ago in June.  

Perez and VanBuskirk are considered the founding members of the group. The pair have been friends since attending high school together. Both are completely sold on the idea that this band has real potential. After recruiting Butler and Golden, they felt like they found the perfect mesh of musical abilities.

“I wouldn’t trade anyone in this band for anyone else,” Perez said. “We all bring something unique to the group.”

While serving as the main vocals for the group, Golden also plays the keyboard on a few songs.  The title track of the album features that keyboard, and there is a good chance that tune will be stuck in your head for days.

Lyrics featuring current issues paired with a ‘60s sound seems to be the niche for The Quarter Roys. Song topics in the album range from politics to relationships, and feature some clever songwriting. The majority of the writing falls with Golden and VanBuskirk, and they do not hesitate to write about exactly what is on their minds.  

“They’re like diary entries,” Golden said. “For me, because I wrote a lot of the songs, it’s a very introspective album.”

Sometimes music with a message is not all that comfortable.  The radio is filled with sound that feels repeated over and over from song to song. “If You Think I Should” is not a continuous flow of songs that sound the same. The tracks on this album have distinguishable sounds and messages. “No Population” and “Headache” are lined with thoughts about society and politics.

“Those are the most likely to catch on because they’re the most relatable especially in the current political climate, because a lot of people hate what is going on right now and that is what those songs are about,” Golden said.

There are definitely some psychedelic vibes in the album, and you can certainly hear inspirations from bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys throughout. Songs like “No Population” stray from that vibe a bit, but the vocals bring you right back into that psychedelic mood. Golden can sing really high, and that helps give the entire album continuity.  

While the band delves into some serious topics, this album maintains its light-heartedness – which plays well when they perform live.  For the last few months, the band has tried to play three to four shows each month, and people are beginning to catch on.

“For a good period before we started recording the album we were playing almost every weekend,” Golden said. “The very last song ‘Don’t Come Around,’ somehow everyone knows the lyrics to that song everytime we play it and they sing along with that one so I think it’s going to be a big one, and a lot of people really like Headache which Nick wrote.”

Once summer rolls around, the group has plans to begin playing more shows out of town, and possibly doing a tour, which is the ultimate goal.

This is definitely the type of album that showcases each member of the band’s individual talents.  Overall the album is versatile from track to track, and it is well worth a listen. Many of the songs feature a short instrumental solo of some form. The album would make for a great listen while driving down the 405, in a convertible Continental, but if that seems out of reach – you can always just try it out in your own car, and make a quick trip down I-40 to somewhere a bit closer.

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