UNCG Students Perform “Red, White and YOU!” on Nov. 30th

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Courtesy of Sarah Purnell

Sarah Purnell
Staff Writer

On Nov. 30, head over to Ferguson 100 at 7 p.m. for a performance entitled “Red, White and YOU,” created and performed by fellow Spartans. The production is a collaboration by the students of a Communication Studies course, Performing Patriotism, instructed by Dr. Killian E. Manning.

“I am so excited for people to see this work,” said Dr. Manning. “The students have created a powerful way of sending out their message about patriotism.”

The Communication Studies course aims to explore the true meaning of patriotism within the United States. “Red, White, and YOU” is an accumulation of historical works, poems, songs, facts, opinions and more, researched by students in order to create and influence the performance. The performance then aims to express the students’ findings in a unique way.

“You can expect excellence,” said Sam Gross, one of the performers. “Our play is crafted to think about what patriotism really is and how it is carried out in today’s political climate. A lot of hard work has gone into this performance, and Dr. Manning specifically chose this group of students to make an impact on the UNCG community. The performance will really make you think.”

With the class meeting every Thursday evening from 5:30 to 8:20 p.m., countless hours have gone into the performance. The students’ diligent work included writing a script, rehearsing lines, staging a multi-media show to play throughout the performance, preparing props and costumes, performing outreach to spread the word about the performance and even more behind the scenes.

“I’ve learned a lot about different points of views throughout this process,” said Maricela Morales, a behind-the-scenes student. “From our discussions, we’ve been able to incorporate so much into a visual production that reflects all of those powerful ideas. This class provided an open and safe space to host these discussions and we welcome more ideas in our Q&A after the performance on Nov. 30.”

The performance is prepared for over a long stretch of time to ensure a well put together and informative show.

“We spend the first three or four weeks researching different aspects of patriotism, and instead of writing a paper, we write a script,“ said Dr. Manning.

Dr. Manning received her PhD in Performance Studies from University of Utah and joined the UNCG faculty in 2004. She founded her dance, No Forwarding Address, in 1987 and was named “Best in the Triangle” in dance for four years. In addition, her most recent dance/theatre production in Durham entitled, “Uncle Sam Wants You!” was also inspired by the theme of patriotism.

Admittance to “Red, White and YOU” is free. In addition, a Q&A with the performers and class members will follow the show to provide a glimpse into the experience of making the production. Light refreshments will be provided outside the auditorium after the show as well.

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