Putting a Bow on the Fantasy Football Season

Sports Staff

The conclusion to the NFL regular season ended the year for fans of 20 teams and more than 40 million fantasy football general managers. Let us look back at how The Carolinian sports staff’s ended their fantasy seasons.

Daniel’s Men of Steel

I lost two out of my top four picks to season ending injuries and squeaked into the postseason as the sixth seed. Yet, by Christmas night, I was hoisting the trophy for the second time in four years. Life is strange like that. Losing Dalvin Cook and Aaron Rodgers were definitely roadblocks, but the season and my talented team was rescued by, who else, the real Men of Steel. Le’Veon Bell was my first pick and played like a first pick should. And signing Ben Roethlisberger and kicker Chris Boswell at the end of the season pushed my team from middle of the road to actual contenders. The three combined performances made up more than half my points in the championship.

Tripp’s Fantasy Turned Nightmare

Even with the brilliant leadership of your truly, my team could not repeat as champions of the Manshed Fantasy League. After finishing the regular season with the league-best record, despite losing Dalvin Cook to injury and Zeke Elliott to suspension, the bad luck continued into round one of the playoffs. It began with Gronk getting suspended for the week because of an idiotic penalty in the previous week’s game. Then that week’s Thursday night game between the Falcons and Saints was no kicker to my squad. Julio Jones was mediocre, and my free-agent pick up of the year Alvin Kamara was knocked out of the game on the very first series with a concussion. My last hope was Carson Wentz, who went on to play one of the best games of his short career against the Rams, before tearing his ACL in the 3rd quarter. I came up 17 points short.

Chelsea’s Fantasy Experience(s)

I won 2-of-3 of my fantasy matchups this season. I played in two standard leagues and one PPR. In PPR I was carried by Tom Brady (naturally) and some strange players too, like Robby Anderson, who put up massive numbers in the middle of the season. I beat out a guy in the championship who had beat me in the regular season, so I was pretty pumped about that. In the regular league that I won, it was a league that my friends and I decided to start. My massive momentum-swing came during the end of the season when I traded away Kareem Hunt for Leonard Fournette. I had Hunt when he was crushing and Fournette when he was at the end of the season. It all worked out for me to be honest. The last league that I was in did not turn out like expected. I didn’t even make the playoffs which was sad, but in one of the playoff matchups one of the games was decided by a missed field goal, which I thought was pretty funny. All-in-all, it was a good and productive season and I can’t wait for next year!

Brayden’s LUUUUKE!!!

My team turned into the Philadelphia 76ers as my season was decimated by injuries. Although I finished the regular season by winning a 4-way tie for first place in my league. However, by this point, I had lost my starting quarterback in Deshaun Watson. The loss of Watson also eradicated the value of my flex receiver Will Fuller V who was averaging around 14 points per game while Watson was healthy for the Texans. I had managed to hold on by a hair thanks to the consistent production that Antonio Brown provided, but I’m sure you all can guess what happened next. The injury he sustained against the Patriots would go on to hold him out for the rest of regular season and destroy my championship dreams. I would go onto lose both of my playoff series as the first seed in my league. I suppose that is what I get for relying on the Houston Texans.

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