Student Spotlight: Pierce John Rogers’ Love for all Things Aesthetic

Matthew Paterson
Staff Writer

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Photo credit: Fili Hernandez

The day-to-day life of being a student can be tough. With back-to-back classes and stacks of homework, it is not easy to take the time and make sure you look good during the hastiness of it all. There is one student who does this seamlessly: Pierce John Rogers makes a fashion statement every time he walks out the door because that is the way his mind works.

He is currently a junior here at UNCG majoring in Media Studies. Rogers’ passion is not something easily definable; it is not one certain profession or career he has his heart set on. “It’s being able to express myself however I want and not give a sh*t,” Rogers said.

Rogers was born in Sleepy Hollow, New York before moving to Chapel Hill, where he grew up. His unique style began in his sophomore year when he started to get into heavy metal music, specifically thrash metal , then delving into dune, sludge and stoner metal. “I enjoyed the heavy stuff,” Rogers said, in a one-on-one interview. “Like the loud, obnoxious heavy stuff…it still is some of my favorite music.”

His fashion sense began in his junior year of high school, when he decided he wanted to make an effort to dress better in his life. Going from formal and colorful to, in his words, “an odd future kid.” His first inspiration was Tyler the Creator. Since then, he has gone through several fashion phases, like his Rick Owens phase, but he currently sticks to a mature color palette of just black, other than the occasional blue or red. “I don’t want to waste my time risking looking bad anymore,” Rogers said.

His obsession with fashion does not come without a few drawbacks, dealing with the problems of the shallowness about being in an industry that relies so much on physical beauty. “When handled appropriately it can be a real passion or hobby to have,” he said, but sometimes he thinks it can get to a point where people get snobbish about fashion. “A lot of people think they’re better than everybody else for wearing cool clothes and I hate that.”

Rogers a first-year Media Studies major. He is taking his share of courses on film, which he became interested in during his senior year of high school. His love of aesthetics from music and fashion naturally translated into film. He felt like it was something he could get behind creatively.

One of the movies that Rogers enjoys thoroughly is “The Holy Mountain,” an experimental film following a character who is led by an alchemist to attain enlightenment in the corrupt world he lives in. The movie is directed by the eccentric Alejandro Jodorowsky, who filled the film with trippy images and mind-boggling sequences that could lead to hours of conversation on “the meaning of it all.” The movie’s filmmaking style is vastly different from mainstream movies, not giving you a direct plot or protagonist.

Recently, Rogers served as production designer on Brendan Malone’s Campus Movie Fest film “Band in Several States,” which is the first production he has been involved in. Pierce was excited to say that he recently sold a black leather jacket he embroidered with studs.

Rogers is one of those people who looks left when told to look right. He is an innovator because he continues to stay true to himself and what he believes in, and wants to contribute something meaningful and creative to the world. He is an inspiration to be who you want to be and say f*ck what other people think.

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