Sledding, Snowboarding, Skiing, Snowball Fight, Snowman: Favorite ‘S’ Activity

The Sports Staff


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With the past week’s snow storm that hit our fare campus and cancelled classes for two days, we asked the sports staff what activity they find the most enjoyable when in the snow. The only qualifier is that the activity has to start with the letter ‘s. Though this may sound challenging, that fact is that many of the fun games one traditionally plays in the snow begins with that letter.


As much as I enjoy finding a nice, steep hill to sled down and as much as I enjoy bruising my body attempting to ski down the beginner’s hill in the Poconos, absolutely nothing can beat a snowball fight. Anytime it snows, the first thing I do is good outside to see if there is enough water to allow the snow to stick. The best winter memories in my childhood in Connecticut were hour long snowball fights in the backyard, which was big enough to allow myself and both my brothers to each have their own “territory” to strategize.


During my years living in New York, many snowstorms would pass by. When I was 11 years old, I ended up going out into the snow. It was a cold and scary night, but I was determined to battle my family at night because it was difficult to see. I had strategically designed a plan to which my cousins were unable to defend themselves using any obstacles we had made from snow. It was a night that I’d never forget, and during my first year of college at UNCG, it was as if I was back in New York defending my turf at Cone Residence Hall. It was less snow but same outcome against other friends from the dorm. It was my time to shine in that wintery weather.


My favorite memory comes from when I lived in Indiana. During middle school, my town had a massive ice storm. About an inch of ice coated everything. I wanted to go outside and see how hard it would to walk, which proved to be increasingly difficult and slippery with each step. My final idea was to pull out a sled from my garage and see if I could successfully Shaun White snowboard down a hill in my backyard. I had never wiped out harder in my life, but it was still awesome.


I love the snow, it’s probably my favorite weather; when it’s cold and snowy, but the sky is so blue- you can’t beat that. I’ve always thought snowboarding was cool, just the way the snowboarder flows is so fun to watch. Even though the snow is melting here, the Winter Olympics is starting soon so I can fulfill my dreams watching them.


I suppose I’m not as fast-paced as some of my fellow writers. While I do enjoy the occasional pelting of a snowball at my little brother, and a sled ride down the side of a frozen slope is a blast, I prefer to observe and absorb the snowy scenes that winter brings. I like dressing up in my warmest clothes, complete with my super warm beanie from Alaska, and talking a wintry stroll through the many parks and wooded areas around Greensboro. It becomes silent, and I can catch snowflakes on my tongue or watch a bold red cardinal on a tree branch. That’s my kind of snow day.


I am the worst snowboarder on the planet, and I proved it on a trip to Massanutten, Virginia back in 2007. You’ll get the hang of it they said. You don’t need to take a lesson, they said. So next thing you know, I’m heading up on the ski lift without a clue what I’m doing and completely terrified. After shooting down the slope in a straight line for what seemed like an eternity, but most likely lasted about ten seconds, I decided to bail before certain death. With my head held down in shame, I walked down the mountain, snowboard tucked under my arm, getting passed by infants who had a better idea of how to ride a board down a hill. I have not returned to the slopes since.


I remember this story as if it happened yesterday. I was 10 years old, and I remember going outside because it was snowing earlier that day. Me my older brother, my mom and dad all went outside and had a snowball fight. My dad was on my team, and my mom was on my brothers team. I remember my brother made a huge snowball and he hit me in the face with it and I got mad and starting throwing more and more at him because I was upset. And I remember my parents telling me that’s it’s okay that he hit me with a snowball because that’s what the game was all about, and to not get so upset about it.


Snugby. Does it sound daft? Yes. But it is a glorious activity. It is literally playing rugby in the snow. Snow plus rugby equals snugby. The way you play it is simple – you take your rugby team, you go outside and you play rugby. No cleats, no gumshields, no rules, really. Eventually it just sort of devolves into a mass wrestling match, but whilst it maintains its structure, it is a fun game to be playing.


Sleeping. While that may sound like a downer compared to the rest of the answers my fellow staff may have selected and while it may violate the spirit of the question, it is the honest answer. My family is from the heart of South Carolina so snow is not really our thing and neither is buying snow accessories. So for me the is an excuse to take an in house vacation without consequence.

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