Club Sports Take Over the EUC

Chelsea McBay
Staff Writer


Photo credit: Women’s Rugby

Thursday was a productive day for club sports. Many of them had their tables set up in the EUC in the afternoon. Many clubs sent representatives, like club women’s rugby and club fencing, among others.

During the day, women’s club rugby President Ashley Hodges spoke on the club and the upcoming season. Reflecting on last season, Ashley said that they, “had a lot of new people last season; it was a developmental year.” However, she said, the upcoming season she “expects us to be better. I feel like we really have it down pact now.”

Their season for the semester has kicked off. They have not had any games yet, however Ashley reflected on the fact that they started their “second week of practice.” She expressed excitement when she started talking about when their first game was, which is tomorrow “away at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.”

One can tell that Ashley is very passionate about what she does. She clearly wants to share that passion with other girls who could be potentially interested in rugby. When asked about why she thinks that girls should join, this was her response.

“Rugby is an alternative sport; not many people play it. But once you come out, our team and camaraderie is really great. We are like a family out there. It’s just so much fun; it’s something different.” Sports build community and this club definitely has that to offer to interested students.

Aside from Ashley and the rugby club, clubs such as fencing were also tabling. The vice president, Reynaldo Guzman, had some words about why he felt that students should consider club fencing.

“With club fencing, we are really open with everybody that comes to our club. We welcome everyone who comes even if you are just a beginner. We give you lessons, offer practices and the teach you the rundown basis of fencing.” He continued, saying “if you want to keep participating after you have learned the basics, you join the club and keep fencing with us. Newcomers can use our equipment as well.”

Reynaldo joined fencing club his freshman year; he said that it was “more of an impulsive thing.”

“I found the club during my UNCG SOAR. I was with a friend and we were walking through the EUC and we came to the EUC auditorium where all the clubs were displayed. It just so happened that the fencing club had a booth in there and they walked up to us and invited us” Reynaldo said. “Fencing really interested me, as I had a friend during high school who was interested in fencing as well. I had that background interest since high school regarding fencing.”

Club fencing is pretty chill, but a lot of the members have individual goals. Some of these goals include getting to the “collegiate level where you go to regular tournaments and earn medals.” If you aspire to be even better than that you can “go to USA tournaments, which are tournaments in other states where you can get ranked based off of your ability in fencing.” Practices for the club are three days a week on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Club fencing is a very unique sport. It is also a very accepting sport as well. If you’re considering joining club fencing then he says, “Just join! It’s a really good way to become more social. With the fencing club, you can meet more people and participate in new activities that you would of never thought you’d actually enjoy.” Reynaldo did not think he would ever join a fencing club and yet here he is. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that he is “the VP now! You never know what you’re going to get out of it.”

All-in-all, club sports offer a lot to prospective students and they have a lot of variety as well. Whether you’re in to rugby or fencing, or any other sport, UNCG is sure to have something to suit your fancy.

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