SGA Meeting

Antonio Alamillo
Staff Writer


Photo credit: Elijah Mears

UNCG’s Student Government Association (SGA) convened on Jan. 23 to discuss the school’s organizations and upcoming events and to vote on two pertinent matters: the appointment of a senator and a bill concerning Spring 2018 elections. Following these issues, officers gave their weekly reports and reminders to the general body.

The first topic on the night’s agenda was UNCG’s dining services. Sarah Lynch, Resident District Manager of UNCG’s Dining Services, was the guest speaker of the night. Among her main topics were how the dining services program was giving students ways to provide feedback on food quality and options and how the program was responding to the results.

The program, trying to satisfy students’ needs, gives students multiple platforms to voice their opinions, such as the chalkboard in the cafeteria, online surveys and Text2Solve. Another form of feedback has recently implemented called On-Sight Insight Focus Groups. This highly effective method allows members of UNCG Dining Services to hold meetings in each dorm and ask students directly about the dining program.

After receiving students’ answers, UNCG Dining Services has been quick to respond to students’ wants. A host of changes are soon to come to UNCG’s campus, with the most notable being a full-service Chick-Fil-A where Subway and Jamba Juice currently are. This is in response to students wanting more on-campus breakfast options (yes that means chicken minis) and chicken options, instead of just having two choices of sandwiches and nuggets. Replacing Chick-Fil-A in the EUC food court has yet to be determined, but among the options are a burger station or one with soups, salads, and sandwiches– similar to Panera Bread.

Another major change will be drastically affect the food court; each station will have its own register. This will prevent students from waiting in line and a large crowd from gathering at the registers. “Providing what students want directly from their feedback almost guarantees their satisfaction,” Lynch said. “[The registers] were a major complaint and we believe that this will benefit students greatly.”

In the future, UNCG Dining Services plans to implement more healthy options for students. This means providing healthier food in the cafeteria and welcoming businesses like Tropical Smoothie Cafe to open around campus. “While we do want to provide students with as many healthy options as possible, we also have to balance what people say and eat,” said Lynch. “Nonetheless, there will be more healthy options in the near future for students.”

Following Lynch’s presentation, the officers proceeded with their respective reports. President Holly Shields emphasized the importance of SGA’s members collaborating on legislative pieces and announced the Diversity Expo, which will be held on January 21 from 2-5 in Jackson Library. Attorney General Brianna Boggan discussed Article III of SGA’s bylaws, reminding Senators of their specific duties and responsibilities.

The last event of the night was to vote on two pieces of legislation. The first was a bill to approve the Spring 2018 SGA elections, which outlined budgets and dates for the campaign season. This passed with a unanimous decision.

The second was to vote on the appointment of Maxwell Sherman to become Student Organization Senator. A music education major, Sherman is also a disciplinary and international honors student, a recipient of the Butler Centennial Scholarship, and holds a 4.0 GPA. The vote to appoint Sherman was unanimous in consent. “I am very excited to give back to UNCG for all that the school has done for me,” Sherman said. “I also hope to give more representation to the music department while in my position. The school has an excellent program and I want to do all I can to improve it.”

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