Thriller at the Kaplan and A Win for Uncle Drew’s Grandkids

Douglas Burns
Staff Writer


Photo credit: Douglas Burns

With the winter intramural basketball season beginning this past Sunday and running until the end of February, the season tipped off with Saturday’s IM Basketball Preseason Tournament. The   competition was won out by Uncle Drew’s Grandkids, defeating the $kramlot bois (pronounced scramlot boys) 55-35. That game was never really tense, as Uncle Drew’s Grandkids maintained a very firm lead over the $kramlot bois. The game before that, however, was a different kettle of fish, so to speak.

This game was between Team Marcus and the $kramlot bois. With three seconds to go in the final period, Team Marcus were up by 3 points. Team Marcus were scrambling to keep the $kramlot bois out of the three point area. By doing this, they left their flank open, and a $kramlot boi unmarked. He took a shot behind the three point line and got a clean score. The crowd erupted in hysterics – whooping and hollering. Some even ran laps. This put us into our first period of overtime. The ball was hotly contested, until Team Marcus forced the $kramlot bois to concede a technical foul, raising their score to 42, versus the bois’ 43. Two made free throws put Team Marcus out in front, with a 44-43 lead.

With the buzzer fast approaching, the $kramlot bois needed to pull off something miraculous. Team Marcus delivered another lay-up, bringing the score to 46-43. If this dampened their spirits, the $kramlot bois did not show it. Their determination and skill got them an exceptional three-point basket with two seconds on the buzzer, evening the score 46 all. Again, the crowd cheered. The cheer had a caution to it, a knowing weariness. They had seen enough of this basketball game to know that either the $kramlot bois or Team Marcus could win this game.

The second period of overtime began, and the game was a tense chess-like game of caution and sporadic bursts of energy to put the ball in the net. Team Marcus drew first blood, managing to struggle their way through the $kramlot boi’s defense and net them two points. The game continued, with both sides scoring, Team Marcus always managed to stay two points up on the $kramlot bois. With six seconds remaining on the clock, it looked grim for the $kramlot bois. A mistake was made, and a member of Team Marcus dropped the ball, allowing for a $kramlot boi to snatch it, and pass to his teammate on the left corner. He stepped back, and then took an accurate and well-balanced shot, netting the $kramlot bois the win with a three pointer. Again, the crowd lost all bearing and cheered for the $kramlot bois.

A thrilling, nail- biting game had finally come to an end. It is to be suspected that most intramural basketball games at UNCG do not all end up this way, but what are the benefits of playing for an intramural team?

Before their big championship game, Austin Griffin and Devon Tabor, both seniors, and of Uncle Drew’s Grandkids, spoke about their experience in the intramural basketball leagues.

“It’s fair, and it’s pretty good competition” said Austin, smiling.

“This is really good for UNCG.”“Yeah anyone can play” Devon chimed in. “It’s designed for all sorts of skill sets, everyone gets to play and it also really helps that there are other students there playing with you.”

It also provides others with a chance to enhance their skill sets further.

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