UNCG pairs up with Rockingham Community College

Kevin Lui
Staff Writer

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Photo credit: UNCG NOW

UNCG announced a new co-admission agreement with Rockingham Community College to improve degree completion and student success. Students can now experience success with improved access to undergraduate education resources, university facilities and support systems.

The new UNCG-RCC “Spartan Passage” partnership is significant; it impacts the rural community by allowing transfer students to access and complete their baccalaureate degrees regardless of location. Prospective students can complete one application with a waived application fee for UNCG. Once accepted, students will have full access to campus facilities, events, activities and services, among other benefits.

“Our new partnership is designed to improve accessibility to resources and expand educational choices for RCC students with a seamless transition to our campus, this collaboration with RCC will produce a greater number of qualified graduates in a shorter time frame at a tremendous cost-savings,” said Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam Jr. “With a seamless transition to our campus, this collaboration with RCC will produce a greater number of qualified graduates in a shorter time frame at a tremendous cost-savings.”

Rockingham Community College Dr. Mark O. Kinlaw explained the significance of the partnership with UNCG.

“Rockingham Community College is excited to partner more closely with UNC Greensboro, a university with such rich history,” said Kinlaw. “Traditionally, UNCG has been the primary university of choice for RCC students who want to transfer and complete a four-year degree, making this a more seamless transfer for our students. This is such a great opportunity for our students. They can co-enroll and have access to all the resources that a major university can provide, from access to their library, tutorial and advising services, to their fitness and wellness center and much more. It also gives our students the opportunity to enjoy the smaller environment that RCC offers while also easing our students into the larger environment of a major university. I believe this a win for both RCC and UNCG, and I am very thankful to the UNCG administration for making this possible for RCC students.”

UNCG had previously launched a similar co-admission partnership with Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC) and Alamance Community College (ACC) during the summer of 2017. This partnership capitalized on two recent academic innovations: Participation in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Frontier Set project, which focuses on improving student success and postsecondary degree attainment; and offering an accelerated master’s program in six different disciplines as well as a comprehensive undergraduate program.

UNC-system President Margaret Spellings said, “This new partnership is designed to bridge the gap for students in our state, making it easier and more affordable for them to get their degree in a shorter timeframe, and get them into the workforce sooner.” This UNCG partnerships fits within the system’s new strategic goals to increase college access for students, reducing the cost of college and improving college success.

These partnerships allow UNCG to cement a long relationship between these three colleges. These co-admission deals can eventually increase UNCG’s annual transfer enrollment. It will also improve graduation rates within the student group, in turn helping community college transfers who usually lag behind students who start out at a four-year school.

The need for these programs is clear. According to researchers at Columbia University’s Teachers College, approximately 80 percent of community college students begin with the goal of earning a four-year degree, while just 14 percent succeed within six years.

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