UNCG’s Super Bowl Party

Antre Stephenson
Staff Writer

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Sunday’s Super Bowl game was definitely a game to watch, even more at the annual Super Bowl party here in the EUC Super Bowl party. There were mixed emotions throughout the room with both Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots fans respectively representing their favorite teams. There were hats, shirts as well as hoodies with each teams logo on them as people were showing off their apparel on who they were wanting to win the game.

Though Philadelphia ended the season as the top seed in the NFC and had only allowed 17 points in their two NFC postseason games, Eagles fans still feared that the Pats and Tom Brady would walk away with their sixth ring. Philly fan Luke Johnson said,

“I’ve always liked the Eagles, but Brady is a different type of guy out there competing, he’s a legend. I want my eagles to win but I’m asking for a lot for them to come away winning the super bowl.”

Not every Eagles fans had the same pessimistic attitude as Luke. Avery Thomas, another Eagles fan, was very confident in this years team and what they have accomplished already.

“I really think we (Eagles) are going to pull this off. Everyone thought we would lose to the Falcons in the divisional round and we won, then they thought we would lose to the Vikings in the conference championship and we won that too” he said confidently. “So I’m very confident that we can win the super bowl this year.”

Right before the start of the game, Bradley Jones, a Patriots fan, was very self-assured about who he thought would win tonight.

And he was not shy to let us know who he thought would win the game.

“Of course the Patriots are going to win the game tonight, no question they will win. Brady already has five rings, and he will make it six by the time the game is over.”

At halftime the score was 22-12 as the eagles were leading. The room seemed a little shocked that Philadelphia would be up that many points on the defending champions. As Justin Timberlake (and Prince) performed at the halftime show and people got up to stretch their legs, a few students gave their opinions on the game so far.

Matt Jones said, “I like Super Bowl Sunday because me and friends all get together and eat a lot of food while watching the last game of the season, regardless if our favorite team is playing in the Super Bowl it’s always a fun night for everyone.”

Stacy Briggs said, “I like Super Bowl Sunday’s because of the halftime performances and because of the funny and entertaining commercials, I’m excited to see Justin Timberlake perform in a few minutes.”

There are others who just watch it because they are simply just fans of football like Myles Sellars.

“I like Super Bowl Sunday because I just love football and they are the best teams in the football right now so it’s cool seeing the two best teams playing for the Super Bowl.”

With the conclusion of the Super Bowl, the Philadelphia Eagles cake out on top in shocker, beating the New England Patriots 41-33. It was a very entertaining game from the start. Although, there were question marks when it came to the New England Patriots not playing their No. 1 option at cornerback, someone who played 97.8 percent of the snaps this year, Malcolm Butler.

Three years ago, Butler’s redzone interception sealed their fourth Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks. Butler was only featured on the special teams unit Super Bowl Sunday. There are a few Patriots fans who argue if Butler would have played, the ending result of the game would be different, but all we can do is just think what if, because the Eagles are Super Bowl 52 champions.

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