25 Words on Love

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PC: Farid Iqbal Ibrahim/Flickr

Sarah Grace Goolden: Love is not something you’ll find on a generic Valentine’s Day card; it’s when he lets me eat his fries even though I said I wasn’t hungry.

Patrick O’Connell: Love is not the grand force of destiny expressed in greeting cards and sappy music. It is a simple act of selflessness towards another person.

Courtney Cordoza: Love is being with your favorite person. They manage to brighten every day with their soothing voice, comforting smile and bright eyes.

Elliott Voorhees: Nothing in the world makes me happier than cuddling with my best friends and watching some D-list animated movies while exchanging kisses and horrible memes.

Kassandra Travis: Love is strong, but it makes you weak. It’s a word thrown around too easily, but when it’s meant it’s the most powerful word in the world.

Omar A. Obregon Cuebas: Love is an explosive mishmash of cyberpunk electrons throwing a house show in your brain. Love is apocalypse and genesis. Love is revolution.

Brianna Wilson: I hate the societal obsession with soulmates. I think it is far more romantic for my partner to consciously choose me every day than to believe they had no choice.

Krysten Heberly: My favorite way to say “I love you” is “have you eaten today?” Nothing quite says I love you like a home-cooked meal with your favorite people.

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