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When you stand at the intersection of a fork in the road, there are two directions that can be taken. There is double the amount at the intersection of a crossroad. And if binge watching Rick and Morty have taught us anything, it is that there are a billion different lives we could have lived if we decided to to go left instead of right at the fork in the road. Here are a few “what if” scenarios that our staff will speculate over.


The men’s basketball team has won the Southern Conference regular season two straight years and this past March, found themselves in the NCAA tournament following a SoCon championship. However in the 2015-16 season, as the prepared for the start of the season, junior guard Tevon Saddler left the team. Saddler had been an everyday starter since his freshman year and a scoring threat, averaging 13.5 points per game his sophomore year. Though he would eventually find a new home with the Nicholls State, it would have been interesting to see the team with Saddler that year and the following seasons.


Back in 2014, before the Golden State Warriors conquered the NBA and founded their ongoing dynasty, Golden State was in serious talks with Minnesota for a Klay Thompson-Kevin Love trade. Of course, Love ended up Cleveland—one of, if not the only adversary worthy of Golden State. The trade was abandoned only after Warrior’s adviser Jerry West strongly discouraged it. Had Love gone to Golden State and Thompson gone to Minnesota, the NBA would be a very, very different league from what it is today.


There has been a constant, ongoing debate in the NFL of who is the modern “Greatest of All-Time” quarterback. It is usually Tom Brady pitted against Peyton Manning. Right now, in the eyes of a vast amount of fans, Brady wins the battle. But, imagine, if Manning had not had neck problems and missed his entire 2011 season with the Indianapolis Colts. He would have not been released and probably would’ve played 3-4 more seasons with the Colts, with the potential of more Super Bowl wins and more MVP awards. Perhaps without this injury, he would now be considered the modern-day GOAT instead of Tom Brady.


Lebron James always gets a bad rap for only winning three NBA titles and losing five of them. It would be very interesting if LeBron won every single final that he played in, considering the fact that a lot of people say he will not surprise Jordan because of all his loses in the finals. I feel as if it would legitimately be debatable if history played out that way.


How different would the Scotland squad’s morale be if Stuart Hogg had caught the ball and therefore scored the winning try against New Zealand – the number one team in the world. What if he hadn’t been injured. How would the Scottish squad have performed? Would we have beaten Wales? There are so many what if’s in the Six Nations. It has been a very exciting tournament and I can’t wait to see what else this Scotland squad has to give.


The New York Giants have not won a playoff game since their last Super Bowl run in 2011. Between that season and now, the Giants have had multiple chances at snagging big free agent names and drafting rising stars. This past season, the Giants had a chance to sign Adrian Peterson, who just got released from the Arizona Cardinals. The Giants were one of the teams Peterson was interested in and would have fit nicely into their offensive scheme, due to Big Blue’s history of a ground and pound running game. If the Giants would have signed Adrian Peterson, Odell Beckham Jr. would not have been under pressure so much during the season before he injured his foot. Peterson would have given the Giants a legitimate threat in the backfield, and people wouldn’t be saying Eli Manning is getting too old.


In the 2010-2011 season, the Los Angeles Clippers traded Baron Davis (and his monstrosity of a contract) to the Cleveland Cavaliers also sending alongside of it, an unprotected first round pick in the upcoming draft. While the Clippers believed that this pick would fall to late in the lottery, it wound up becoming the No. 1 overall selection which the Cavaliers would use to select Kyrie Irving. Although the Clippers would go onto trade for Chris Paul and experience some success the team will always be remembered for its inability to advance past the second round of the playoffs. However, if the Clippers had not made this horrible deal they would have had two all star caliber players on rookie deals in Kyrie Irving and Blake Griffin. They then could have used the assets they traded in order to get Chris Paul for another player of Paul’s caliber, creating a much more balanced and talented team than what the Clippers had in reality.


In Game One of the 1995 NBA Finals, Nick Anderson missed four free throws in the final 10.3 seconds of the game, as the Magic blew a 20 point lead and went on to lose the series to the Houston Rockets.  Those free throws could have changed the entire scope of the NBA. After losing that series, Shaq missed much of the next season, and Penny Hardaway turned into one of the most popular players in the league, which did not help matters when it came to re-signing Shaq. Who knows? If Anderson makes even one of those free throws, do they win a title in Orlando and keep the best big man of a generation?

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