A Newsworthy Farewell: Madison Hoffman


PC: EILY/The Carolinian

Madison Hoffman
News Editor

To the Carolinian staff and weekly readers,

What a ride it has been. This newspaper and the people it has brought into my life will forever mark the experience I’ve had at UNCG. I truthfully didn’t think I was cut out for the job of news editor when I was asked to interview for it. I had been writing for the Carolinian for only half of a semester when the current news editor at the time happened to be looking for a replacement.

Partly due to not many options, but also due to a cool news editor named Zach, the job fell into my lap. Zach, if you see this, thank you for betting on me because the journalism community at UNCG is arguably my favorite thing this school has let me be a part of.

I have been fortunate to have some of the spunkiest, neatest writers in my section this year, and I want to thank each and every one of them for putting up with all my many emails and text messages about getting articles in on time. You people are the heart and soul of the news section– I am just lucky enough to edit your work.

I also have been beyond fortunate to have a killer editorial staff and an extra killer editor-in-chief who has the best shoe, hair and tat game of all time. I can’t thank them enough for leading me in the times I have been so completely lost, but for also being a group of friends to me.

Before getting the chance to be an editor, I could not put my foot down for the life of me and I hadn’t really gotten the opportunity to lead a group. Finishing the year as an editor has taught me resilience, accountability, communication skills and the ability to crank out an extra article in record speed. My writing and just general existence as a human has seen extraordinary growth and I owe it all to the paper and the people that make it happen.

Lastly, thank you a million times to the readers of the Carolinian. Keep reading and spread the word! I have nothing but 100 percent certainty that this paper will continue to grow and keep becoming a force on the UNCG campus. Thank you for reading the news section and for staying informed! Best wishes to the staff for upcoming semester. I know the paper is in the best of hands.

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