Carolina Cobras Enjoy Home-field Advantage


PC: Andrew Salmon 

Dillon Overby
Staff Writer

The summer months are not known for their exciting sports; we are more than two months away from college basketball and football, and the NBA and NHL playoffs just ended. During this time all we have to look forward to is baseball and soccer highlights, right? Wrong, well, at least if you live near Greensboro, as the Greensboro Cobras have a great arena football team.

Arena football is the perfect opportunity for any football fan who cannot wait until the next NFL season; it is a macro version of the outdoor football that we all look forward to, with just as much action. Plus, the Greensboro Cobras run event themes on home nights and have a great local feel. The Cobras are full of fun for families and college students alike! If you have not already, I urge you to come to join the Snake Pit in the future.

One fan said that the games were “fun, entertaining and action-packed,” while also stating that they are pleased and will continue to come back to the games. One way the Cobras manage to keep the crowds coming back is the events that they run and the things that they do for their fans.

One of these events was a superhero-themed night, which fits perfectly with all of the superhero movies that have already come out in 2018. As I walked into the Greensboro Coliseum, Darth Vader and two stormtroopers were greeting participants and taking pictures with children. Kids came in dressed as Spider-Man, Batman, and Captain America, adding to the theme; adults were also interested in it, showing up in similar costumes.

At halftime, one of the attractions was the tee-shirt throw, only this time there was a little twist on it. Thanos was the one hurling the shirts into the crowd, which got everyone on their feet. Thanos, the Destroyer of Worlds, was getting cheered—only at the Greensboro Cobras game could you see that happen. At the end of the game, with less than a minute left in a 73-33 blowout win by the Cobras, the crowd was still cheering, “we want Thanos, we want Thanos.” The superhero and supervillain theme seemed to be a huge success, and it inspired the Cobras in their victory.

The Carolina Cobras love their fans and want to make sure that the fans know that. At the end of each home game, the Cobras do an autograph signing. The fans line up at the twenty-yard-line and when the Cobras are ready, the foot race to be first in line for autographs begins, but no matter if you are first or last, the Cobras will sign your football and speak to you. It is just one simple step that the Cobras take in order to ensure that their fans are happy and continue to come back to support them.

The fans can get a little wild too, making Greensboro games tough for opponents. One specific group that goes to the games are known as “The Ninth Man,” and they serve as a constant support system for the Cobras. The ninth man consists of college students; they are easy to spot by their sports attire, their big signs, and the fact that they are the loudest part of the crowd.

When asked what they thought of the game, a member of The Ninth Man responded with, “We don’t know why the other team bothered to come, they should know that they can’t win in the Snake Pit.” Cockiness is a part of The Ninth Man, and this is a fun aspect of our team and the heart of this fan base.

The Carolina Cobras are right at home in Greensboro, and will only continue to grow in popularity as their win count increases. If you have not had the opportunity to go out and see one of the games, then you are really missing out on this little gem in the heart of the Carolinas. Be a part of this magical season while you can, and support the team as it aims to win a championship.

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