Gratefully Living in the Now

Ron de Varona
Staff Writer

It is two in the morning and I am fresh out of the shower. Again I lied to myself that a reasonable bedtime was a possibility. I am still awake, because when the time came to decide if I wanted to rest, I simply was not tired. Going to bed just wasn’t what I was feeling like doing when I asked myself “What do I want to do, right now?”

I ask myself that, because right now is the most important moment of your life for many reasons. At this moment, you can really change your life. It may be hard in this very moment to fulfill your dream of say, dying in space because well, good luck. It is in this moment you can make the decision to begin your journey to making that possible.

You, the reader have something in common with everyone else is: being human. You want and need and do. We have necessities that we must fulfill before flourishing. We live in a world where, for the most part, most of the population has never experienced a life without running water.

It may seem trivial to consider but one must realize that the amazing acts of man happened after we mastered keeping each other alive. An example of this is learning to harvest food and share it so that we could try to give people a life without strife. It has been possible to make an easy and safe life the commonplace.

While we have mastered it, we have allowed the question “why?” to come to mind. Humans can open their minds to think about anything when they don’t have to worry about starving to death. Most of us are lucky to have been born able to achieve the higher tiers of Maslow’s pyramid. To be alive within the age of technology, you have more power to make a difference on this planet than most humans ever could.

It is possible to see more information reading “The New York Times” for a week than any person in the 18th century would see in their entire life.

This tangent is essential to not only my life but to yours. This is because our access to information has allowed us to truly ask ourselves “What do I want to do, right now?”

If you ask me, this is the most amazing thing I think humans have ever done- because now is for you. You can truly do whatever you want, however a slippery slope that may be.

Hungry? Well, on top of not dying if you have to skip one meal, you get to decide what you want to eat! Not happy? Well, since you can find food, you can analyze your life and do what it takes to make you happy! That includes deciding where you want to eat.

Right now you can pull out your phone and start your application to your dream job. Right now you can text someone that you are thinking about. Right now, even if you can’t buy a ticket to go to your favorite country, you can in this moment search for ways to make it happen. You can’t do that yesterday.

It is the now you create that you will remember later. It is each of these moments you live that add up to your entire life. You see, life is just like jazz. You have a loose structure of what to stick to and play, but most of the time you have to improvise and hope it sounds good. As you get older and keep tootin’ your horn, you get better and better at making your own sound. Then you can ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub till sun comes up.

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