Review: Demi Lovato- Sober

Keia Harris
Arts and Entertainment Editor

At the young age of 25, Demi Lovato has achieved much success through her music and acting career. Yet behind the professional success, she has had her own personal struggles.  In recent years she has opened up about her battles with bullying, mental illness and drug abuse. Demi Lovato has supported several organizations, including “STOMP Out Bullying” and “National Alliance on Mental Illness.”

On her latest single entitled “Sober,” Demi admits that she broke her five-year sobriety. After Demi reported overdose on July 24 in Los Angeles, it has been reported that she will be heading back to rehab.

In Demi’s single “Sober,” she opens with a few alto piano keys, softly playing seconds before singing her first verse. She apologizes to her mother and father for breaking her sobriety. Demi confesses that her relapses are when she’s lonely, and she continues to apologize to family and friends while asking for their continued support. She goes on to sing, “Sometimes I cave and I don’t want to fight. I try and I try…Just hold me. I’m lonely.”

The song slightly increases its beat during the intro of the chorus with a faded, repetitive snap accompanying the piano. As the first chorus ends and Demi ceases to sing, an unexpected choir slowly joins to introduce the second verse.

While Demi took advantage of the first verse by apologizing to family and friends, she uses the second verse to apologize to her future companion, admitting her abuse of sex saying, “I’m sorry to my future love, for the man that left my bed, for making love the way I saved for you inside my head.” She also apologizes to fans, stating, “I’m sorry to the fans I lost…I wanna be a role model but I’m only human.”

Lovato’s final chorus includes a soft drum that steadily increases as the song ends, but before she finishes she leaves the most important apology to herself, saying, “It wasn’t my intention I’m sorry to myself.”

It is clear that Demi did not wish to overpower the song with an array of instruments and background vocal, but wanted listeners to pay full attention to the words she seemed to confess. The lyrics combined with a simple yet powerful piano part makes for a very emotional song, which gives a real look into the singer-songwriter’s struggle.

From her lyrics, Demi shows true vulnerability. She does not hold back when describing her fight with sobriety. She does not make excuses for herself and is quite blunt about feeling as though she has lost control.

The feelings present in her music seem universal. Everyone can relate to the pressures, disappointments and growing pains that come along with living in this world, even if the life she leads seems worlds away.

As a new school year commences, another work week begins, or another early morning with your child approaches, something will challenge your strength. Acclimating yourself to new environments, class schedules, job responsibilities and more, is challenging in itself.

Not dealing with emotions that occur while facing obstacles may lead to developing unhealthy patterns. Demi’s vulnerability while describing her shakes, cold sweats and loneliness is commendable. Although she is in the midst of her battle, she has not given up by saying, “I’m sorry that I’m here again…I promise I’ll get help.” Whatever your struggle may be, Demi serves as a public example that the waves of life hit you but you do not have to allow them to overtake you. Only the strong survive and if you are reading this, you are strong. Keep fighting.

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  1. Demi is not alone. Everyone has some kind of personal struggle. It’s how one handles that struggle that makes the difference. Demi Lovato is brave and courageous. She shows her fans that they are not alone. She gives them hope and courage to step forward and get help! We applaud Demi for her courage and wish her the very best in her recovery. Sending Demi love, strength and prayers!
    Ross Ellis
    Founder and CEO
    STOMP Out Bullying


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