Artistry and Academic Achievement United in UNCG Honors Fraternity

Dance fraternity_ Courtesy of Delta Chi Xi.png

Photo courtesy of Delta Chi Xi

Eden Landgrover
Staff Writer

It is not an uncommon notion that artistic accomplishments and academic achievement have often seemed to be presented on different planes of intelligence. Recently elected president of the honorary dance fraternity Delta Chi Xi, Chania Wilson, is proud to be spearheading ongoing change through an on-campus organization that actively combats this stereotype.

Founded in 2010 at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Delta Chi Xi (DCX) was established to join academic inclination with the artistry of an intelligent and informed dancing body. Providing connections on a national level with individuals currently working in the field, Wilson observes that one of the most notable benefits of the fraternity is the “network of smart dancers” that a member is able to build.

This chapter even has National Board Vice President Brianna Forbes working specifically with members to expand the reaches of their involvement.

By holding all current and potential members to a high academic standard- requiring a GPA of at least 3.0- and simultaneously providing opportunities for a dancer to perform and choreograph, DCX sets a standard that equates exemplary academic achievement with exemplary artistic achievement. Former president and current Department Liaison Benja Newnam noted that what drew him to Delta Chi Xi at the beginning of his UNCG career was the organization’s reputation for actively supporting students in both their academic and artistic endeavors campus-wide.

Newnam quickly recognized that Delta Chi Xi would be an avenue through which he would have the most “successful undergraduate experience” as a dance major at UNCG.

Intake Coordinator Amanda Rodgers also notes that the prestige of this specific fraternity lies in its duality. “With Delta Chi you get the bond of a traditional social fraternity, but you are also exposed to leadership opportunities and honor-level academic expectations.”

Being the alpha chapter, Delta Chi Xi prides itself on the opportunities for arts-oriented service and community involvement that the organization can offer its members. Not only do brothers of the fraternity receive honors recognition and access to exclusive scholarships, they are also deeply connected with their larger Greensboro arts community.

Each spring, the fraternity holds a benefit concert which donates all proceeds to a local arts organization at the conclusion of the production. This concert is open to submissions from any UNCG choreographer, providing exposure and experience for the artists while simultaneously connecting them to their community through service-driven outreach. This mutually beneficial exchange is a dialogue that President Chania Wilson looks to expand in her position.

Wilson expresses that her “ultimate goal is to extend the concert into a program that will ultimately include a workshop, the concert, and a gala of sorts,” which would give the dancers more opportunities to create or perform and would give the organization more means through which to give back to the community. “Delta Chi Xi allows me to do adult-scale service from a college campus,” Wilson notes when explaining why she intends to continue to grow DCX’s ever-expanding community outreach.

The fraternity is open to both dance majors and minors, and the only requirements for membership are satisfactory standing GPA and genuine interest. This opportunity for intertwining of majors and minors within the same organization is mutually beneficial; dance minors can become more immersed in the department while also taking advantage of choreography, performance and service opportunities, and majors drive the department-wide involvement and have chances to work to put new ideas into action within the program in which they are so heavily involved.

If interested in learning more about this catalystic honors dance fraternity, contact the fraternity at or President Chania Wilson at

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