Netflix’s New Arrivals for Your Bingeing Pleasure


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Emily Hicks
Staff Writer

As the end of summer approaches, fall semester is kicking into high gear here at the G. For students who need a study break, Netflix is needed now more than ever. This month, the streaming service certainly didn’t disappoint with their new original movies and series releases. From sappy to wicked, Netflix has something for everyone who needs a little entertainment this month.

For fans of optimistic, coming of age movies, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is sure to be a winner. Originally a book by Jenny Han, published in 2014, this new Netflix film follows a young Asian American girl, Lara Jean, on her embarrassing, yet hopeful journey through romance, and more importantly, surviving the public eye of high school. For viewers who may not have had the most picturesque high school experience, the characters and plot lines of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before might feel a wee bit familiar.

With a running time of 120 minutes, viewers witness Lara Jean’s life completely transform– taking her from being the ‘dorky’ girl who writes letters but never sends them, to the girlfriend of the high school hottie who’s gained a new sense of confidence. Lara Jean’s growth throughout the movie is inspiring to those who have some growing up of their own to do.

The movie pursues a common theme for teen romances, but plays it out with a pleasant twist by starring an Asian American teenager as the lead role, something which is still, unfortunately, uncommon. It also shows Lara Jean become more outgoing and less guarded, while still maintaining the quirky traits that making Lara Jean unique.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has the underlying theme that unique is beautiful, which is something that viewers can definitely pick up on throughout the film. For a teen romance, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before instills an odd sense of optimism in viewers– an uncommon feeling for a high school romance.

On the series side of things, Netflix recently released the original series, ‘Insatiable’ to its viewers. Starring well known actress Debbie Ryan, this series paints her in a far different light from the beloved farm girl Bailey Pickett we grew to love in ‘Suite Life on Deck’.

Ryan’s character in ‘Insatiable’, Patty,  is an overweight teenager who is bullied by her schoolmates. After an altercation with a homeless man, Patty winds up having her jaw wired shut for the summer. After losing 70 pounds over the break, no one recognizes Patty when school resumes in the fall. Patty may have lost the weight, but she holds onto the misery that accompanied her former body with an iron fist. Now, she intends to do something about it.

‘Insatiable’s first season boasts a lengthy twelve episodes, but based on the content, it’s not likely that most viewers will make it to the end. While Netflix inspired awkward teens with the new movie To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved, the series ‘Insatiable’ revolves around the hellish life of students who are bullied in high school. The plot is dark, and the scenarios are not nearly as funny as Netflix originally advertised.

The whole series seems to revolve around Patty’s revenge towards all the kids who bullied her, some of whom suffer a twisted fate at the hands of their former victim.

As a whole, the series ‘Insatiable’ hosts an incredibly negative message towards body image. If you’re fat, everyone hates you, but if you lose weight, you will impress people. That being said, Patty’s character is not satisfied with just being thin– she wants her former bullies to pay. The revengeful plot of the show is certainly not a positive message, but the writes try to play it off with the supposed ‘comedic’ aspect of the series. All in all, not your best work, Netflix.

With the stress of the new semester, take some time to sit back and watch a Netflix original to put your mind at ease. Hopefully, one of these new options will strike your interest.

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