The Right to Write

Courtney Cordoza
Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, Aug. 15, the Boston Globe posted an editorial piece asking other news outlets to address a recent statement made by President Trump regarding journalists. They were referring to a tweet where Trump claimed “fake news media,” specifically the New York Times, CNN and ABC to name a few, are the “enemy of the American people.”
More than 350 newspapers around the world have united with the Boston Globe to stand behind their right to write.

Our First Amendment guarantees the freedom of the press. This explicitly states that news sources have the autonomy to report on the stories which they deem newsworthy, so long as their writing remains constitutional.
Being a writer myself, it is appalling that public figures are bashing the media. This leads to the public having a distrust for those who are simply trying to tell the daily news.

Trump has repeatedly spoken about the “fake news” and how they are spreading lies to tarnish him. The notion of “fake news” has become a problem for today’s journalists. Their reputations are being put on the line now, more than ever. The public seems to believe that journalists spread false narratives without completing adequate research.
The majority of outlets attempt to report the news with the most objective point of view possible. By distrusting the information being given by news outlets, a general distrust for information is created as well.

Though many news outlets took a stand supporting the Boston Globe for their actions, not all were in agreeance with the newspaper. The Los Angeles Times wrote an opinion piece addressing why they stand on the opposite side of the argument. The article, written by Nicholas Goldberg, explains that his media outlet wanted to come to their own decision through careful thought and assessment of the issue at hand.

Another reason they gave was to not give naysayers the satisfaction. President Trump has been a very vocal frontman for the anti-journalism movement. He is not camera-shy, and will do anything to get a reaction from his audience. Giving into him by writing about his media hatred just adds more fuel to his fire.
As the Boston Globe said in their editorial piece, “Journalists are not the enemy.” Our current administration has instilled fear into the American people. They believe that they cannot trust anything journalists say.
This should not be the case. Journalism is an honorable field, and most publications  attempt to hold themselves to a highly ethical standard. Whether researching, reporting or distributing recent news, they make it their duty to report the raw facts.
Real journalists take their work seriously and deliver the most authentic news with no frills attached.

This movement has further encouraged journalists to address those who are opposed to them. They are doing this by writing editorial pieces, publishing novels and speaking up on social media platforms. Journalism can be both physically and mentally draining fields.
Reporting on news can be tiresome, but that does not mean that it is not worthwhile. Journalists enter the field because we genuinely enjoy it. We get a rush when researching a given topic. The field of journalism is a rewarding experience for writers and readers alike. It is important that we do not allow this fake news movement to deter the importance of the real work done by journalists.

Without the arduous work of journalists, we would not have the free access to real news that we currently have today. This country cannot let a fear-mongering, anti-news movement put our free access to information at risk.

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