The Sports Staff on Playoff Picks

Andrew Salmon
Sports Editor


PC: Andrew Salmon

With the first week of the college football season upon us, it’s time for the sports staff to make their picks for the winner of the 2019 College Football Playoff. So, who ya got?

Andrew: I have to go with Alabama. Why wouldn’t I go with Alabama? They’re always loaded defensively and return an offense that heroically won last season’s College Football Playoff, led by sophomore Tua Tagovailoa. This season, it’s all about ‘Bama. Roll Tide.

Chelsea: I’m going to go with Clemson. After all, they did beat Alabama in the championship two seasons ago. Their quarterbacks are really good, their defensive line is spectacular and the rest of their team always pulls through in the College Football Playoff.

Monique: Since 2009, Alabama has continuously proved they are force, a force that can win it all and take on anyone.

I am positive they will get far in the playoffs. Although, if I had to choose at least two teams who would have a chance to challenge Alabama, I would say Georgia and Clemson, specifically because they have proved to be worthy opponents in the past.

I embrace the mentality of, “What have you done for me lately?” Alabama has proved time and time again that they are well-equipped. With that being said, I have to go with Alabama to win the 2019 Championship. 

Brayden: ROLL TIDE! Is there any other reasonable answer? Hate them or love them, they have been the class of college football for the past decade. Alabama’s underclassmen carried the Tide to a victory over Georgia last year and will likely take a large step forward this year. Deshaun Watson is no longer around to give Nick Saban night terrors, so I am confidently picking the Tide to repeat as champions this season.

Dougie: Honestly, the idea of college sports being more a big deal than the NFL (a professional league) perplexes me as a foreigner. This means I get to make some weird guesses and bets as to who’s going to win. I’m going with Alabama. However, my love for NC State (totally not enforced on my from people in my life) trumps that of a team that associates itself with the saying ‘Roll Tide’ when it is almost 300 miles from anything to do with the seaside (and therefore, the tide), which upsets me greatly. So, go Wolfpack!

Alexis: Saban is the man with the plan. He knows how to recruit. He knows how to coach. He has two stellar quarterbacks. If either one of those QBs were at a different school, they would be potential Heisman winners. It’s something about that “Roll Tide” pride that helps the Crimson Tide just keep on trucking through the NCAA. Their schedule is already difficult, as is being in the SEC, but it would take a miracle for the rest of the SEC to beat Alabama. Even if they lose one game, potentially to Auburn, the College Football Playoff Committee always favors Alabama and they will take home the championship trophy.

Dillon: College football is back, and it is the greatest sport out there today. Alabama and Clemson would be the two betting favorites, but this is a crazy game where everything can happen. Urban Meyer’s three game suspension will prove detrimental to the team when it takes on a solid TCU team. Nebraska will spoil either Ohio State, Michigan State, or Wisconsin’s chances, as well. Alabama has two tough games on their schedule in the form of LSU and Auburn, which I’m picking to upset the Tide. That’s right, for the first year, Alabama will not make the playoffs. The SEC east will be dominated by Georgia and Florida with that winner playing for the SEC championship.

My four teams in the playoffs would be Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma and Penn State. Georgia and Clemson pull off the wins, and Georgia claims the championship this season.

Antre: This year is going very interesting with all the storylines heading into this season. But I think this will be Clemson’s year. I think they will win it all solely based off of their defense. Their defense is going to be on another level with all those NFL stars who decided to stay for their last season.

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