Who’s Your Favorite Athlete, Ever?

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PC: Andrew Salmon

It’s a simple question, but one that’s difficult to answer. Of all the athletes to ever compete, which one is your favorite?

Andrew: Call me a bandwagoner, but my favorite athlete of all time is Stephen Curry. I first watched him at Davidson on that magical Elite 8 run in 2008. He wowed me with his shooting abilities and directional quickness. Plus, there’s nothing more exciting in sports today than Curry getting hot and hitting a few threes in a row. Spicy.

Alexis: Since we are talking about an athlete, not by skill work, but based on just pure athletic abilities, I’m going to go with LeBron James. He may not be the best basketball player, but he’s the greatest overall athlete in today’s generation. If you throw him in a football uniform, he will excel offensively or defensively. If you throw him in a track uniform, I promise you he can excel in track and field events. He has been in the league for over 15 years and he has never looked out of shape.

Monique: Ever since I laid eyes on Russell Westbrook for the first time, I knew I would grow to love the guy. He may not be the best compared to LeBron, Kobe or Jordan, but he is the most hard-working and resilient athlete I have ever watched. People may call him a bone-head or question his basketball IQ, but one thing you can never question is his passion for basketball. His work-ethic could never be disputed and that’s what I admire most about him. Not to mention, he is also a model citizen outside of basketball.

Brayden: When I was a young child first learning about the game of basketball, my eyes were drawn to this young high school phenom. His name was LeBron James. Before I was even old enough to understand the concept of the differences between competing at the high school and NBA level, I had decided that LeBron would be my favorite player. I remember playing NBA Live 2003 on my brother’s PlayStation 2, doing windmills with him in practice mode. I remember wearing a LeBron jersey and a Bobcats hat to a game in 2005. Since then, LeBron James has gone on to become the second greatest player of all time behind Michael Jordan. More importantly, however, he has become arguably the most charitable player of all time, even going so far as opening a school for at-risk children from his hometown that also offers scholarships to the University of Akron upon graduation.

Dillon: To better understand Kobe Bryant, you must first look at his career success. Bryant is a five-time NBA champion, a 17-time all star, scored 81 points in a single game, a two-time Finals MVP, a two-time gold medalist, a 12-time all defensive team selection, and spent 20 seasons with the same team (the Lakers). As you can tell by these impressive accolades, Kobe hustled hard on both ends of the court, for 20 seasons.

Tripp: Simply put, he was the baddest dude to ever touch a basketball. Led Duke to four straight Final Fours, back-to-back National Championships and hit the most epic shot in the history of the game. Christian Laettner was so good he had a 30-For-30 devoted to how much people hated him.

Antre: My favorite athlete would have to be Lebron James, without a doubt. Ever since he became well-known in high school, he has never had any trouble with the law, he has never cheated anyone out of anything and he always found a way to hold himself with class, dignity and integrity no matter what was done against him. With this day and age of social media, any and everything can be caught on camera and he finds a way to still be positive on the court as well as off the court. Even though he has more losses than wins in the Finals, he finds a way to elevate himself to another level any and every time he plays.

ChelseaMy favorite player hands down is Peyton Manning. The dude is a legend—he had one of the best statistical careers ever. Sure, he only had two Super Bowls, but he is still in the top five of quarterbacks to play all-time. He is such a friendly guy and a leader, and I looked up to him as a role model. He’s retired now and still doing so much for Indianapolis, the city that I grew up in. He’s not arrogant and has a sense of humor and he’s all around just a great guy and athlete.

DougieI’m going to have to disagree with all of my fellow staff writers. Basketball is not where it is at; US Football is definitely not where it’s at. To really think broadly outside of the sporting borders of the US is where you will truly find the GOAT. There are too many to note – Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Pele, Henry and so on. My favorite athlete would be Stuart Hogg of Scottish Rugby. Hogg has been playing for Scotland since he was 20 years old and plays at the fullback position, fly-half and centre. Hogg has almost single-handedly raised the Scotland team above and beyond all expectations when they SO VERY NEARLY beat New Zealand in the Autumn Tests.

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