The Predator

Alfonzo Rodriguez
Staff Writer

The Predator

PC: Keia Harris

For the past week, something ancient has been stalking movie theatres. The film is loud, full of bloodlust and racking up a steady body count. This mysterious killer is not anything we see often, in fact audiences really only see it once every 8 to 10 years. The Predator, the ancient franchise from the 80’s has arrived back in theaters for better or for worse.

The film was helmed by Shane Black, who has previously Directed Iron  Man 3, and was a supporting cast member of the original Predator film. His incarnation of The Predator portrays the beloved monster as a special beast. The film arguably follows two protagonists: the main human character played by Boyd Holbrook, and a member of the Predator species on the run from a genetically altered uber Predator.

This film follows the trend of a lot of recent monster movies, in that the monsters are far more interesting than the human characters. Although the film delivers on alien warlord carnage, it is weighed down by the incredibly annoying and disposable humans.

Imagine somebody took G.I Joe and turned them into a group of fortnite obsessed 16 year olds. That terrible characterization is what the audience is stuck with for a majority of the run time unfortunately, which led me to clap every time one of these characters managed to end up as part of the Predators trophy case. At least the action is decent and bloody, which is about all you can expect from a remake masquerading as a sequel.

Aside from the new female lead (played by the great Olivia Munn) and the giant Predator, this movie is pretty much the exact same film as the original. The script does not do anything very different from the original at all, even the score is identical to the original and boy, that score is extremely dated at this point. There is one standout scene involving Olivia Munn’s character trying to escape a lab while the Predator is on a rampage killing everybody, but it is soon forgotten amongst the rest of the busy idiots who lead this film.

Despite the cringe worthy dialogue and Jar Jar Binks esque characters, this film is still pretty enjoyable for what it is. If you are a fan of aliens, monsters, or groups of men with gigantic guns and one liners attached to their auras, this film should please, or at least keep your mind of off the stresses of real life for a couple hours.

I recommend waiting until this one is available to rent or stream, it would be very unfortunate for this film to prey on your wallet.  

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