Kanye West is Going Off the Rails

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Trent Ryden
Staff Writer 

Once again, the critically acclaimed and highly controversial superstar rapper Kanye West, who now identifies himself as “Ye” made headlines in regards to both his performances and his ranting on Saturday night on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

West, who is no stranger to controversy and upheaval, staged an impromptu rant going off on topics such as politics and the media, stating that “90% of news are Liberal. So it’s easy to make it seem like it’s so, so, so one-sided.”

West had announced previously that he was going to release a new project titled “Yandhi” after his performance on Saturday Night Live. As of yet, no such project has been released upon any major streaming platform.

West is no stranger to chaotic release dates for major albums. Back in 2016, when he released his album “The Life of Pablo” it had been a late reveal, as well as earlier this summer with his self-titled album “Ye” which also came out later than expected.

At this point in his career, West’s ranting on SNL should come as no surprise, for he has been known to be informal and outspoken in the past when it comes to public appearances. These outbursts date back all the way to the 2009 VMAs when he  interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech, to the present day where he is involved with disputes with TMZ headquarters, and is even talking about amending the 13th amendment on Twitter.

West’s Saturday night antics caught the attention of President Trump, as well as some of the commentators at Fox news. West received much from the conservative voices at Fox news and there was mention that West, being a black celebrity with a platform, is empowering the “free thinking” movement. In the words of Fox news correspondent Charlie Kirk, “this is a culture moment…are we going to be free thinkers or are we going to conform to one idealology that is not diverse whatsoever.”

West also performed on Saturday Night Live. One performance was of West’s most recent song, ‘I Love It’, which features young Soundcloud rapper Lil Pump. The song was made for the Pornhub awards, which West was named the creative director for.

Pump and West hit the stage wearing water bottle costumes with mics in hand. It was awkward and uncomfortable for several reasons. The song is mainly anchored by Lil Pump, but his stage presence was limited and clearly did not match West’s enthusiasm and energy. Also, West was seen trying to “Shoot” dance in his water bottle outfit.

West had also performed a new song called “I Got Love” with fellow G.O.O.D. music signee Teyana Taylor. This performance was equally cringey in some aspects. For in the last minute or so of the performance it is nothing but West standing on the stage and staring at the audience while Taylor paces around the stage, occasionally posing. The orchestration of the performance was odd and questionable. The song itself was cliche and unoriginal to say the least. All in all, this performance was just another lackluster moment for West during his time on Saturday Night Live.

As many would argue, West has begun to appear as if he is falling off the rails a little bit. With his random, outlandish and unordinary rants to his head scratching musical creations as of late, such as “XTCY” where he claims he would sleep with all four of his sister-in-laws, Kanye is either doing a publicity stunt, or has really lost sight of the Kanye that the world fell in love with. Now finally, West has another rant, a Pro-Trump rant, while on air for Saturday Night Live.

However, one could argue that if Kanye West had always been “normal”, we wouldn’t have Kanye West. With the good, comes the bad, and with Kanye comes anything under the sun. The Kanye we now know could be an impromptu Trump promo, a rant about the media and even highly controversial statements about race, slavery and most importantly, his music.

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