A Mardi Gras Experience in Greensboro

Keia Harris
Arts and Entertainment Editor

AE_Fat Tuesday

PC: Keia Harris

As the fall season rolls in, we are all rushing to enjoy these last precious days of beautiful Carolina weather. If you’re like me, after all of that studying you’ll want to spend as much of your free time away from the books and find a new adventure downtown. If you enjoy a laid-back environment paired with the latest mainstream music and adult beverages, Fat Tuesday on Barnhardt Street downtown is the perfect spot to temporarily forget your daily responsibilities and have a little fun.

The New Orleans-inspired restaurant features several different frozen alcoholic beverages such as Piña Colada, Strawberry, Mardi Gras Mash and their world famous 190 Octane flavor (this drink is nothing to play with). If you get tired of just one flavor, the party doesn’t stop there! Mix any 12, 20, 32 or 40-ounce drink with as many flavors as you’d like for no extra charge.

While you’re at it, add a shot tube to the mix, though I’d advise you to drink slow. These drinks are packed with so much flavor you’ll forget they’re adult beverages! Let’s just say, these bad boys will sneak up on you. If you’re not feeling an ice-cold beverage, simply skip the indoor/outdoor frozen bar and head to their wet bar for a selection of your favorite shots.

The show doesn’t stop there. What’s a never-ending selection of drinks without a tasty plate of food to help wash it down? From wings, fish, fries and nachos, Fat Tuesday has it all! In between a bite of barbeque wings coupled with a crispy side of seasoned fries, you might want to take advantage of the in-house DJ and test out your dance skills. Trust me, you’ll never be the only one on the dance floor.

After all of the eating, drinking and dancing has slowed down, you know you’ll need a place to rest your feet. From outdoor bar side tables, indoor stretched group seating and patio furniture, there is plenty of room for everyone. Just pick where you’d like to vibe: a bar, restaurant, or family picnic. Fat Tuesday gives you every option.

Of course, Fat Tuesday is open all year round, and they never forget to close in the bar and bring out the heaters during the winter months. But I must say, you’ll feel one step closer to the Mardi Gras experience if you take advantage of their daily food and beverage deals while the weather is still nice and warm. Homecoming is quickly approaching. Grab some friends and make this year one for the books!

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