Life is Better when You Can Laugh at Yourself

Ron de Varona
Staff Writer


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If you tell me that something is not funny because you deem it “inappropriate,” not only am I going to laugh at you, I am going to perform a colonoscopy to see how big that stick up your butt is. Humour and satire is necessary in every form, and I find the people that I most respect and connect with can muster some kind of humour.

I find the people who are less agreeable and less enjoyable are the ones who can’t appreciate a joke. It shows a sign of humanity and a break from whatever social divide may be between two people.

A joke is meant to get a laugh and lighten the mood when something else can’t. People flock to something they can do together that makes them laugh. Life gets easier when you learn how to laugh at everything. Life is stressful without even trying; it does that on its own. Everyone has to find their own way of coping with it in healthy ways.

Humans have a natural tendency of grouping together when they share a common interest. Satire brings people of every walk of life an opportunity to laugh together at things they normally wouldn’t have thought about, like how our president looks eerily like a cheeto, or just how bad airline food really is. We use satire to prod and poke at the world we are given and make it that much less intimidating because the world is spooky. Not only does war, disease and poverty exist, so do Bobbit worms.

Could you imagine a world without humour? It would be a dull planet with all work and no play and nothing much for entertainment other than drama films and war documentaries. Sports too, but no one watches those anymore. Curling is an exception because it’s badass. Who doesn’t like competitive ice sweeping?

I hate when people tell me “there is a time and a place for everything.” Well yeah, Captain Obvious, I wouldn’t try on pants while I was water skiing. But to me there is only a couple of times when it is just not okay to tell jokes. A funeral is usually a bad time because not everyone is in the mood for a giggle. The Holocaust museum is out of the question, or any war memorial in general.

Even when I get hurt or feel down, I try to make jokes about myself. This is for me, not for anyone else. To be able to laugh at your pain shows that you can be critical of yourself and admit your own faults. I find that people who are not offended by mild trash-talking are the same kind of people who can laugh at themselves. The world is already serious enough. Let’s laugh about whatever you can, whenever you can.

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