Social Media is the Key to Involving Young People in Politics

Rejani King
Staff Writer

The Kavanaugh hearing was streamed live on multiple social media platforms, including Snapchat. Social media platforms making the choice to broadcast the hearing live, targeted not only adults, but youth who actively use it as a way to keep up with global news.

The Kavanaugh hearing has been publicized almost everywhere (as it should be). By broadcasting the hearing on multiple social media platforms, it made the information particularly accessible for young people. It was also another way to target young people who are eligible to vote this November in the midterm election.

During the Kavanaugh hearing, Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Kavanaugh was appointed by Donald Trump for a lifetime position as Supreme Court Justice for the United States. Ford was apprehensive on whether to share her story or to stay silent, but she chose to speak out, as she felt like it was her responsibility to do so. It was incredibly hard to watch. A woman shared her story of sexual assault by a man with political power and in the end, she was not believed.

Why was it important that the hearing was broadcasted on multiple social media platforms?  I think that it was important because many young adults, including myself, use social media as a way to stay informed about current events happening, not only in the United States but also globally. Many of us have multiple accounts on multiple websites. Bringing the news to social media contributes to being able to successfully get this news out to young people and those who are otherwise uninterested in the news. This form of broadcasting helps because no matter where they look, the news is there so eventually, they’re almost forced to take a look at it.

According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of Americans use Facebook and YouTube, but young adults are especially heavy users of Snapchat and Instagram in 2018. This means that broadcasting news on social media is helpful because these platforms are checked frequently on a daily basis. Overall, I think that it was a great idea to broadcast the hearing for young adults and teens that are otherwise unaware of news like this.

Personally, I think that the goal is to hopefully spark a change in how adolescents interpret and understand the news. Even though it may not be “interesting,” it is important. In the case of the Kavanaugh hearing, it is important for us to see a change in how women are treated, not only in politics but in society and places of power by men who hold powerful positions. Women deserve to be respected and to be believed. Young people can help make this happen by changing narratives, stereotypes, and using their voices to fight for social issues like this.

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