UNCG’s Homecoming Block Party

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PC: Rachel Spinella 

Rachel Spinella
Staff Writer

On Saturday, Oct. 13, UNCG celebrated this year’s homecoming with a block party on the Kaplan Commons. In celebration of all things UNCG, the block party was filled with many people from all over Greensboro. From current college students to alumni, family and friends, people came to eat, play games and have a good time.

The block party was mixed with different kinds of games, social club booths, food and even music that brought fun and enjoyment to everyone that attended. In an interview with two Greensboro natives, both said that they came for the party and further explained how much they enjoyed UNCG’s block parties. “The food, the games, the atmosphere- just seeing everybody… I mean it’s filled with great energy. We’re just really excited for the homecoming dance.”

Many students were drawn to the block party by all the UNCG apparel and items given out. “The free merchandise,” said one UNCG student on why they came out. “And I’m pretty excited for homecoming and I enjoy the variety of food here.”  During the event, people were entertained by a live band performance, who played a variety of Motown and modern-day hits that had the crowd on the lawn moving and grooving.

The party offered many different kinds of food and drinks, with everything from barbecue to funnel cakes to beer and wine too. There were games set up, one being an inflatable twister that was popular amongst the children in attendance. Along with that, there were a variety of other activities that took place, such as balloon making and cornhole.

Directly in front of the EUC was a line of students waiting to have a caricature portrait done of them and to receive a free UNCG T-shirt. The block party continued to sell last-minute homecoming tickets to anyone who hadn’t purchased them yet and wanted to attend Saturday night’s game.

The atmosphere at Saturday’s block party was filled with upbeat music from the band, laughter and smiles all around as people continued to enjoy their time with family and friends. All in all, people from all over Greensboro came and enjoyed the party before homecoming night arrived.

If you didn’t attend this year, be sure to write it down on your calendar for next year’s homecoming. If you’re looking for a fun, festive time to enjoy with friends and family, UNCG’s homecoming is always the place to be.

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