Dire Conditions For Guilford County Schools

Luciano Gonzalez
Staff Writer

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A group of consultants recently went through Guilford county schools and inspected how well equipped the schools are for the challenges of modern education, as well as the overall conditions of the buildings. The findings were not good news for Guilford County teachers, nor for the students throughout the county.

On Thursday, Oct. 11, consultants held a meeting to go over the initial results of the research that they had conducted in schools throughout the county. They met with a joint committee of school board members and county commissioners so they could discuss what their data showed them about the quality of buildings that students throughout the county are taught in.  

County commissioners and members of the Guilford County School Board commissioned the study that enabled the consultants to go through the various schools located in the county. They were seeking to gain a more holistic understanding of the conditions that students and teachers operate under.

The way the information was then compiled to rate the schools on a scale of zero to 100 with 100 being the highest. Nearly half of the schools visited by the consultants scored either a D for poor-performing schools ,or an F for unsatisfactorily performing schools. The wide spectrum of assessed schools reflects an economically diverse student body throughout the school district.

25 of the schools that failed this assessment were elementary schools, and 12 of the schools that were assessed to be poor-performing were elementary schools as well. Only a single high school ranked excellent on this scale, while eight out of 15 high schools ranked above poor or failing on this scale.

31 out of 68 elementary schools ranked above poor or failing, and 12 out of 23 middle schools were considered to be satisfactory. 12 alternative schools of a variety of types were examined but only 5 of them were ranked above poor performing or failing.

The results of this study will hopefully put pressure on school officials and educational administrators to update their facilities and to improve their ability to meet modern educational standards. That being said, there are some officials who are interested in double checking the schools and ensuring that the standards the consultants used account for a wide range of needs and concerns of students, teachers and parents.

One such official is Guilford County superintendent Sharon Contreras, who wants to ensure that the rating model accurately accounts for how well-equipped schools are for ensuring accessibility for students who have disabilities and for inspecting the security each school offers students.

Some of the information in the report reveals worrying statistics such as the school’s recommended maximum capacity, and that there are overpopulated schools such as Morehead Elementary School, which is operating at an astounding 217 percent of its maximum recommended capacity. Estimates of this school’s population don’t predicate that population decreasing either; instead, it’s estimated that by 2027, the population will have increased to 265 percent.

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  1. Has the report been publicly released yet?


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