Eco-Focused Worldwide Research Project Set for 50 Year Anniversary of Earth Day

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Tyra Hilliard
Staff Writer 

Once April 22, 2020 arrives, the celebration of Earth Day will reach its 50 year anniversary. In commemoration of this special day, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, is in the process of the kick-off for the “Earth Challenge 2020,” which will be the globe’s largest science campaign coordinated by citizens.

The participants will collect over a billion sets of data in the fields of air quality, water quality, biodiversity,various forms of pollution and human health. This global sharing of information will give scientists new insight on where our environment stands and what steps can be taken to improve it.

There are no age limits, and anyone who is passionate about science is welcome to join. Their help will be guided by carefully-selected research questions that are critical to the turnout of the worldwide project. Any ideas for research can be submitted using the Earth Day website or even by tweeting (@Earth_Challenge) by using #EC2020. Participants are asked to showcase what has a significant impact on them and their community.

The deadline for research question submissions is Nov. 22, 2018. Once all questions are gathered, the team of the Earth Challenge 2020 will search for common themes within the questions, then present their findings to the panel of experts who will choose the final questions for the challenge. The questions are selected based on their levels of global interest, geographic diversity, global impact, partnerships and feasibility.

In early 2019, the final research questions will be released to the public. Earth Challenge 2020 is designed to run for eighteen months. The new year will also bring hackathons that will be hosted globally to create technologies that are essential to the challenge, and a mobile app that has a set goal of one billion for the collection of data sets. This could possibly be the largest arranged citizen science project attempted on planet Earth.

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